Personal Development

“A Formal Education Will Make You A Living; Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune.” ~Jim Rohn

Why Is Personal Development So Important?

I believe that 90% of my success in Network Marketing is directly attributed to my commitment to personal development over my years of being self-employed. I remember in my professional photography career I started 3 hours earlier each day for 7 years to self-education myself and a large portion of that was listening to Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey and many more great people in the personal development area. I still have hundred’s of those cassette tapes today.

Jim Rohn

Personal Philosophy: What is your personal philosophy? It brought you to where you are today and it will take you into tomorrow. Jim Rohn tells us how his mentor, Mr. Schoaff, asked him how he was doing. Jim told him exactly where he was: “behind on his promises, behind on his mortgage, no money in the bank and pennies in his pocket.” Mr. Schoaf responded, “Your philosophy is not working, I suggest that you change it.

”Working Hard: We all know people who work hard that are not making a lot of money. As Jim Rohn says; “If you work on your job you can make a living. If you work on yourself you can make a fortune.” Are you working hard on your job or hard on yourself?

Dealing with rejection: Is someone raining on your parade, telling you you’re crazy, telling you to get back in the jar? According to Jim Rohn; “All good will be attacked. Not to think that your garden will be invaded is naïve.” The secret to success in network marketing is to never quit – never, never, never. You will get knocked down. The question is: Will you get up?

Consistency: I’ve seen Jim’s philosophy in play many, many times. “A few simple errors in judgment repeated every day leads to disaster. A few simple disciplines practiced every day leads to success.” As Jim says; “it’s an apple a day, not a Hershey bar.” Success is all about small steps to the top taken every day.

Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar is one of my favorites. He has a flea training story that goes like this. He asked us to imagine a fruit jar full of fleas and told us how the fleas would go crazy and jump and jump and jump trying to get out of the jar. That’s what fleas do, they jump. Eventually, their heads get sore but they would keep jumping but just not high enough to hit their heads on the lid. Now you take the lid off and they would keep jumping but not high enough to get out. They’ve been conditioned. They’ve been flea trained. They’ll die in that jar.

That’s what happens to us. We get flea trained. A baby knows no boundaries, no fears. The word they hear first and most often is ‘no’ through childhood, grade school, high school and university. We tell them what they cannot do.

Get out of the jar. Personal growth can give you the belief that you can jump high enough to get out of the jar.

I really enjoyed listening to personal development audios whenever I had a chance. Most of the time when I was in my car I listened to tapes on my self-educational path.

Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich – This book and philosophy by Napoleon Hill is the foundation for most personal growth philosophies. His 13 principles are the absolute bedrock of personal growth. His key philosophy is: ‘We are what we think about. Thoughts are things. We would not have a thought unless we had the ability to accomplish it.’ What do you think about most of the time?

Desire: One of Napoleon Hill’s 13 principles is desire. It takes a burning desire to succeed. Any plan to proceed timidly, to play it safe, won’t work. You must be totally committed and go all out. You can’t get to second with your foot on first.

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Important Habits: Seek first to understand and then to be understood. This is the most important lesson I learned from Stephen Covey. That means listen first, listen carefully, be sure you understand first.

Empathy: A dramatic example Stephen Covey uses to illustrate his teachings is that of a man in a subway car whose children were running up and down the car. The man seemed oblivious to the disruptions his children were causing. When Stephen finally reached the end of his patience and asked the man to restrain his children the man looked up and in a daze said, “Oh, yes, I’m sorry, we just left the hospital where their mother died.” Suddenly Stephen understood.

Repetition: The final key to personal growth is repetition. One exposure, listening once, is not enough. I listen to the above speakers repeatedly.​


Personal growth is important because it will help you see all that you can be. It will change your thinking and help you understand why people do what they do. Personal growth can open your eyes to your real potential. It can give you courage to go after what you always wanted. Personal growth is all about ‘being.’ First you must ‘be’ before you can ‘do’ so you can ‘have’.

I worked non-stop on myself and as I listened to these speakers, my whole world changed. I learned how to speak. I learned new philosophies of life. I learned that I could be more, much more.

The most important realization and philosophy I learned was that success in life is all about small steps. Small steps are easy to take, but they are just as easy not to take.