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Rick Billings is a network marketing professional, and an entrepreneur, and has been self-employed since 1985. He first started marketing online in 1992 with a photographer's bulletin board platform. At the time he was a professional photographer with one of the largest portrait studios in Omaha, Nebraska. As a matter of fact, Rick was hired by the Eastman Kodak Company to digitally photograph the 189 Heads of State at the United Nation in September 2000.

In his photography business for over 30 years, he traded his time for dollars, working 12 hours a day. He then realized that although he made a nice six-figure income he was always working and trading his time for money. That got old! Then a couple of years after his merger with PhotoWave - a company they started in 1997 with a mission to transition photography studios to digital, his world started to change financially. He knew he needed to make a change, so as a visionary, he soon began looking for a business that would give him the ability to build as large as he wanted, help others and achieve financial freedom in a shorter time frame.

So, in 2005 he shifted his focus to empowering others to create leveraged residual income through network marketing using systems by the power of the internet. He created RickBillings.com in 2001 and it has been online for 21 years. He joined a network marketing company in 2006, and still working in the industry today. From then on, everything has become history, Rick Billings has been known as a network marketing professional helping others to be successful in the same industry.

Rick is now enjoying financial freedom. He has to spend a lot of time with his family, travel to different places around the world, and enjoy the food at every restaurant without worrying about the bill.  But this has been possible because Rick has been with many people over the last three and a half decades which has influenced his personal development and growth. Now, Rick Billings shifted his focus to paying it forward and helping others create success with network marketing. You can get his advice and work with Rick Billings and be a Network Marketing Professional like him and change the course of your life.
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Network marketing is a business model that’s based on a strategy where a person utilizes their personal network to share products or services. This type of marketing model relies on one-on-one sales by individual representatives. It also includes developing a team of people who want to achieve the same success. Leaders rise to the top and learn quickly how to train their team and helping them succeed. Most compensation plans compensate you for your efforts as you help others grow.

Network marketing or multi-level marketing, referral marketing, and relationship marketing are all the same. No matter what you call it, entrepreneurs in today’s economy are creating massive success using this business model.

Maybe you are wondering how network marketing or multi-level marketing works. You’ll start your network marketing venture by signing up with a reputable sponsor – someone like Rick. He’s been in the Network Marketing industry since 2006.

You’ll typically receive a “starter kit” with marketing materials, training aids, branded website, and a cell phone APP. In the beginning, you’ll work closely with your sponsor who will mentor you and show you the strategies and provide knowledge to get your started in the right direction. You’ll learn about the product and compensation plan, but that knowledge is not required to get your business started.

Most network marketing businesses are built on the bases of KNOW, LIKE and TRUST! So, beside your personal network you’ll build relationships with potential clients or brand partners.

Let your passion shine through and use your communication skills to build rapport to get people’s eyes on your products or services. Here’s where the “network” part comes in. When you sponsor someone in your business, they become part of your team but there still in business for themselves…just not by themselves. A good compensation plan will reward you for building a large network of business partners. The more driven people you can find, the better.

Now that you know what network marketing is, how can you succeed…take action now and each and every day going forward. Running a successful network marketing business doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You can create a breakthrough with the right mentor and the right company – change your path, change your routine and the rest will follow. You can get professional advice from a mentor who has been there and taken massive action to be extremely successful in the field.

Benefits of having a mentor in Network Marketing - Rick Billing - Network Marketing Professional


Mentors are valuable sources of experience, knowledge, and advice. Keep in mind to choose a mentor in network marketing who will give you the best insight for your current life to flourish. Because they have already been through it and done that, they'll provide realistic advice on issues such as how to develop your skills, help grow your team, and become more efficient.

Network marketing mentors also offer constructive criticism designed to strengthen areas of your life that needs improvement. Without these insights, business growth may take longer to achieve. Ask your mentor to tell you how you can improve your strategy to better reach your business goals and surely, they have the best possible answer.

A good network marketing mentor looks for ways to help you grow. Once they understand your skills and abilities, they may put you to work on a specific area to see how well you can perform. Based on your performance, they might give you a set of challenges to test you or give you detailed feedback on what you did well and what areas you may improve upon.

When you need an extra boost of confidence, your mentor will give you words of encouragement to keep you going when work gets hard. Without a mentor, negative thoughts may become more dominant in your mind, especially when dealing with a difficult subject or issue. Positive encouragement helps motivate you to keep trying your best, despite the challenges that may happen.

Successful mentor relationships define expectations, make you feel you are in safe hands and that conversations are within your own circle. For example, your network marketing mentor help set your goals and priorities, define successful habits and behaviors, and provide guidance regarding balanced business scheduling. Your mentor will help bring recognition to any issues that may be affecting your emotional well-being and provide possible solutions to overcome negativities.

If you need help setting and achieving goals, your mentor is the perfect allies to keep you going. They can help develop your career by helping with setting new scalable goals for you and providing clarity on how to do it.

Working with a network marketing mentor is life changing. It helps you understand who you are and what you want to become. While your mentor is not a therapists, they help promote feelings of awareness and finding that only come through conscious effort. Once you've experienced life with your mentors, you may want to share your experiences with others too, it helps you become a better leader yourself and provides you with a new perspective on life.

Network marketing mentors commonly share their network connections with their mentees. When you enlist their help, you may increase your chances for new professional contacts, which could possibly lead you to new doors.

 The purpose of having a mentor is to have someone more senior than you with a fresh eye to give you support and advice based on experience. With the right guidance, mindset, and motivation you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Get guidance from a professional network marketing mentor.

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"In todays uncertain economy, the safest solution to be wealthy, be in total control and enjoy freedom for you and your family is to have multiple streams of income."
~ Robert G. Allen, 5X New York Times Bestselling Author

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