We Love Promoting Proactive Health & Wellness as we RV across North America. We also show people how they too can live any lifestyle they desire. 

In mid 2018, April and I decided to sell our home and all our furniture and purchase a brand new 2019 Newmar  43' Ventana motor coach and travel North America. Our adventure started in January 2019 living full-time in our new coach...and we love it! 

We're traveling as we build our Network Marketing business. It's so easy to meet new people and if you see us on the road please say hi. 

Our goal is to help our company become a multi-billion dollar business in the next 3-5 years. We have 37 products helping people maintain good health and our company ships into 37 countries. Exciting Times.

Rick & April Billings with Newmar Coach

"In todays uncertain economy, the safest solution to be wealthy, be in total control and enjoy freedom for you and your family is to have multiple streams of income." ~ Robert G. Allen

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Robert G. Allen & Rick Billings

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