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Hello, my name is Rick Billings and I've been an entrepreneur since 1985, pretty much my entire adult life. I first started marketing online in 1992 with a photographers bulletin board platform. At the time I was a professional photographer with one of the largest portrait studios in Omaha, Nebraska. I created this website/blog, RickBillings.com in 2001. 20 Years Online!

In 2005, I shifted my focus to empowering others to create leveraged residual income using systems and the power of the internet. I've only been involved with two companies. The one I'm with today, I joined on day one, July 4, 2011.

I've built 100% of my business using systems and online tools. There is nothing that stands in the way of people becoming massively successful in the network marketing industry EXCEPT for the level of skills and personal development that comes through training.

Many people over the last three and a half decades have influenced my personal development and growth. My focus has been to pay it forward and help others create success.

If you have the desire to create a lifestyle of freedom and spend quality time with your family and friends I would love to assist you.

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"In todays uncertain economy, the safest solution to be wealthy, be in total control and enjoy freedom for you and your family is to have multiple streams of income."
~ Robert G. Allen, 5X New York Times Bestselling Author

Robert G. Allen & Rick Billings

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