AAH Sheet

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  • Surfer SEONeuronWriter Sheet (optional)
  • AI Images integration (optional)
  • Google Search integration for content (optional)
  • Unlimited Content: Use Your Own OpenAI API Keys (pay as you go)
  • Shopify WordPress integration
  • Free Training & Support
  • $0.09 cents per post (End to End AI Automation)
  • AAH Sheet
    Shawn Altman, AAH Sheet

    Shawn Altman is a former developer at IBM and AT&T, plus some action-packed time at ecommerce agencies, I know what it really costs to build tools. You might not know this, but OpenAI gives us access to their ChatGPT AI for pennies... that is right, pennies... click for OpenAI pricing here.

    Fed up with "AI tools" inflating prices as if they're the next Bitcoin sensation, I decided enough was enough.

    This tool doesn't just dabble; it produces 500+ articles per day and effortlessly syncs with WordPress & Shopifyβ€”all for mere pennies per article. To top it off, bring in as many team members as you like for truly unlimited use, and I've thrown in free training to help your team skyrocket growth.