Meet Rick & April Billings...

Hello my name is Rick Billings and my beautiful wife April and our three boys have lived in Orlando since 2002. I have been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1985 and I’ve always told all my boys that entrepreneurialism is in their blood and that they should chase their passion.

December 2018 starts a new chapter in our lives. April and I sold our home in Winter Garden, Florida and all our furniture. We will be traveling across North America building our businesses and seeing America.

Our two older boys, Alec & Nick are very busy building their estate furniture business in Winter Garden, Derrick our youngest is working at Yellow Dog Eats, also helping his brothers at their store. Since none of the boys at married yet, the timing is perfect for April & I to go RVing full-time.

We have always wanted to explore America and so with months and months of research we purchased our new diesel pusher motor coach, which is a 2019 Newmar Ventana 4369 Class A RV. Yes, the 43 stands for 43-foot-long and we’ll be pulling a car, adding another 12 feet. It is an all-electric coach and has all the amenities we like, such as Internet, 4 Sony Smart TV's, Microwave/Convection Oven, a Dishwasher, a Washer and Dryer, King Size Bed, Full Size Shower, along with a full basement for plenty of storage.

Multiple Streams of Income

I’ve always believed in multiple streams of income. My primary business is a representative in the proactive health and wellness industry representing over 37 products. You can learn more about these amazing products on my website. I am also involved with a group that helps and teaches people how to capitalize in the cryptocurrency market by trading altcoins. Trading, not investing! It’s important to make sure your money is making more money for you.

Where my entrepreneurship all began was in 1970 when my father bought me a professional camera and eventually became a professional photographer.  I enjoyed a wonderful career building one of the largest portrait studios in the Midwest located in Omaha, Nebraska.  I’ve been a professional photographer since 1985 and still love photography. I’ll be sharing images of America’s beauty throughout our journey, so revisit my website often.

Staying Connected

With all the advancements in technology staying connected will not be very hard. The RV is well equipped with Internet 24/7 and Dish TV. I will be able to continue to do everything I do now but, on the road, and with a goal to double and triple my business, meeting new people as we travel North America.

We have many exciting things planned and so continue to follow me via my website, my YouTube channel and Facebook. If you find I’m passing through your area, give me a shout and let’s connect.


See you on our travels across the North America,
Rick & April Billings

2017 Company Incentive Trip - 9 Day Cruise

April & I won the Premier #1 Salesperson Award for our company this year in North America. So our company gave us an all expenses paid 9 day cruise through the Caribbean with many other top successful leaders. We took our 3 boys with us and had the times of our lives. To my this is what hard work as an entrepreneur is all about.  

2016 Company Incentive Trip to Cancun

My wife April and I were married in 1984 celebrated our Wedding Anniversary in Cancun in April 2016. We won a company trip and everything at this 5-star resort was paid for by them. We also had our photographs professionally taken on the beach. Here are a few of the images.

This is My Story...

It was 1970 in Omaha, Nebraska and at the age of 11, my father gave me my first professional camera. He was a photographer in the United States Air Force, for 34 years. Those pre-teen years were very informative for the development of my career. He taught me a lot about my craft, business, and life and he didn’t even know it. I can remember one of my first money making ventures were taking photos of horses and returning with finished black and white 8×10’s to sell the same day. By the time I graduated from high school in 1978, I was photographing weddings and working for my second photography mentor, one of the top award-winning photographers in the Midwest, Les Hassel. Little did I know at the time…but my father was my first mentor.

My Father when he Retired from the US Air Force, After 34 years.

Rick & April Billings when they purchased their first traditional business in October of 1985...David Lee Studio in Omaha, Nebraska. A few years later we changed the name to Rick Billings Photography.

Rick & April Billings when they purchased their first business in October of 1985. The David Lee Studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Rick & April Billings when they purchased their first business in October of 1985. The David Lee Studio in Omaha, Nebraska.It was 1985, and the hardest business decision to date was upon me as I had been working for my mentor Les Hassel for 7-years and we had become the best of friends. His kids were my age and so he was like a second father to me. I had become one of the top ten photographers in the state of Nebraska for 5 of those 7 years. One day a West Omaha photographer asks me if I would be interested in buying his studio and if so stop by sometime and we could talk about it. WOW, I was 24 at the time and he had one of the top 3 successful studios in Omaha. Just recently married, I decided to buy this beautiful home photography studio in Omaha. It took me months to put it together and after convincing a banker, I went in debt $267,000, in October 1985.

In 1989, I get a knock on the door, expecting a client, I was surprised by a gentleman from the State of Nebraska wanting to purchase my home (and Studio) to widen the intersection. Father Flanagan’s Boys Town was across the street and the property was an easy target for the land they needed. To make a long story short, I acquired an acre of land 50 feet behind the old studio in the condemnation. I had the property rezone commercial and as the result the price of the land quadrupled. I used that for a down payment and borrowed $500,000 to build an 8,000 square foot state-of-the-art photography studio on the corner of 132nd & West Dodge Road in Omaha.

8,000 sq ft Home Studio Rick designed and built in 1992 in Omaha, NE

Later in the summer of 1995, after a year of studying the latest digital photography technology, I started the transition of my professional portrait studio in to the new world of digital technology. Little did I know at the time that I would be a pioneer and be one of the first photographers in the country to use digital capture technology in their portrait photography business. It started when Kodak developed a camera for NASA with a CCD (charged couple device) that in my opinion met the quality of film. The biggest hurdle was the cost, at $29,950 for just the camera body with the CCD. But I had a vision and my peers thought I was crazy.

After gaining the interest of Kodak, I started lecturing on digital photography and spent the next 8-years traveling to over 40 States sharing what I’ve learned to help others. I coached people on how to successfully transition their film studio in to the age of digital technology. From 1995 to 2003, I was a member of a select group of professional photographers who serve on Kodak’s Digital Professional Photography Mentor Team.

In May, of 1997 I opened the first digital training center in the United States called “getDigital Training Center".

One of my top three goals in business was, to develop a business that could continue without me. I achieved that in March 1998, when I merged my business with aPittsburgh based company called PhotoWave. I relocated my family to Pittsburgh in June of that year and remotely operated the studio until April of 2003 when we finally decided to the studio to Tim & Jinnie McCormick and I’m proud to say Billings Photography in Omaha is still experiencing great success.

So, it was 1999 and my partner and I decided to launch a sports photography business online. Youth sports was a growing market at the time and we wanted to offer action photos along with the traditional team and individual photos that were taken every year. At the time my partner and I built and launched (American Sports Photo Network). With 5-million dollars invested as partners in April of 2000 there was a dot com crash. Thus, our path to an IPO was halted and we began to reorganize the business infrastructure.

My highly regarded position in the field of digital photography was evident in the fall of 2000 at the United Nations Millennium Summit. I was asked by Kodak to digitally photograph 189 heads of state of UN member countries including President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister, Tony Blair. A digital image was transmitted electronically within minutes later to news organizations throughout the world. The group photo appeared in full color on the front page of the New York Times the next morning.

Rick Billings Digitally Photographs 189 Heads of State at the United Nations The Millennium Summit – September 2000 – New York City Hosted by President Bill Clinton

Heads of States at the United Nations

Rick was hired by the Eastman Kodak Company to Digitally photograph the 189 Heads of State at the United Nation in September 2000.

In 2001, Kodak had stated “Rick Billings is one of the photographic industry’s foremost authorities on digital imaging.”

In 2003, Canon selected 11 photographers throughout the United States to be featured on a CD about “Digital Workflow” and I was selected as one of those featured photographers. Canon has distributed a quarter million of these digital workflow CD’s in our professional industry. January 2003, we relocated our business to Orlando, Florida as we continue to reorganize.

In my photography business for over 30-years I traded my time for dollars, working 12 hours a day. Yes, I made a nice six-figure income but I was always working. That got old! Then a couple years after my merger with PhotoWave, my world started to change financially. I knew I needed to make a change, so as a visionary I soon began looking for a business that would give me the ability to build it as large as I wanted, help others, and achieve the financial freedom in a shorter time frame then I had in the past.

Being online since 1994, I loved the power of the Internet, so I knew that had to be a major component. I have been using WordPress since 2006 and have mastered it very well. Today, I’m a Professional Network Marketer. I help people build multiple streams of residual income and achieve financial freedom. The freedom to be with your family and do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. 

You Can Learn Anything in Life… If You Have the Passion & Desire Too!

So don’t fear the wonderful world of online marketing because if you want it, you can achieve it

Rick Billings
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Orlando, Florida, USA
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