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Social media is an enormous place – and when it comes to its use from network marketers, it can be both confusing and overwhelming. There might be a variety of reasons that this happens, but the ultimate one is that it is fast moving and changing, unfamiliar to the more traditional style of marketers and in some cases, no one to lead the charge.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are tons of courses and workshops, webinars, and calls you can take part in. One that you can try and learn the skills required for social media marketing, but the bigger problem is often where does one person even begin?

A lot of this routes back to, follow those who have come before you. When you see someone with the level of success you would like to achieve, find out what they are doing, what are they plugging into – or showing others how to do.

Is it exciting to know that effective Social Media Marketing allows you to recruit 5-10 new people (or more) every single month into your business?

Today’s post will share with you some of the gems when it comes to this area of building a business.

Top Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers

Several of these strategies can be applicable to a variety of social media platforms, and unless otherwise stated please assume this is the case.

Profile and Profile Pictures

What does yours, say about you? Social media set up an online forum of people watchers. People are always watching what you are doing. And, if you think they won’t notice you upload a sharp new headshot to your page, you’re wrong. You want to ensure that you have a clear picture of you – not an animal, or your company logo for example.

Remember, your profile should identify who you are. Try not to lose sight of network marketing. Being a people business – even if those people, are found on social media – they’re still people.

Your profile, pictures or timeline – what does it say about you?

The idea here? Keep things positive. And, this doesn’t mean you have to always be this bright shining star. But people will remember how you made them feel. If your profile is full of complaining or insulting images or videos – statuses that are forever whining about life. Chances are if or when you do post about your business – they won’t be interested then, either.

One suggestion could be to omit, where possible, your company name. It might be fair to say the jury is still out on this one – but what it is unanimous about is offer variety – you do not want your profiles to appear like a billboard. Eventually, people stop viewing or unfollow if they are constantly feeling sold to.

Provide Value on Social Media

You might be wondering, what is considered of value on social media platforms. The long and short of that answer is anything that educates, motivates or even entertains others. Have a skill you think other people would love to know or learn? Great! Break out that video or hop on a Facebook or Instagram Live and tell others about it! Perhaps you love positive and uplifting images, pictures, photography, share them!

There are so many different outlets when it comes to social media that the possibilities are really endless. Create a game plan of skills or strengths you can offer others, and find a way to incorporate them into a discussion or forum. This could also be effective in forums, or websites. Seek out questions others are looking for answers to. Give them the answers or solutions.

These are all effective ways of opening up dialogue and positioning yourself, as an expert.

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Personal Messages

Remember where I mentioned earlier that we sometimes lose sight of network marketing being a people business? A large part of that is because of social media, although originally designed to be social, started to become the opposite.

Using private, personalized messages is a great way to set yourself apart on various social media platforms. And, on platforms that support voice messaging – like Facebook. These are excellent tools for recruiting more people into your business and overall creating much more substantial relationships with prospects.

An excellent way of connecting with people, opening conversations, and setting yourself apart is on Birthdays. Platforms like LinkedIn, Skype, and Facebook all have a feature of notifying you when someone has a birthday. Think of how much more powerful a birthday message would be when received in an inbox. Or better yet – a voice note.

Although these components of the platforms aren’t new, they are still way underused. Yet a great way to step up your social media game.

Overall, if you are in the network marketing profession – these few strategies are something you can start to implement immediately into your business. And, if you are practicing this, you could encourage your teams to do the same.

And, if you have not ventured into the land of network marketing, I would love to open up some conversation with you about what’s possible on a variety of levels; financially, travel, personally, taxes, and more.


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