Secrets of Top Earners in Network Marketing

network marketingIt is very normal to think first how you will succeed in Network Marketing.

Initially, people will think of that, since to be honest, that’s the reality. We join to be successful and no one wants to fail. It is not easy to just join network marketing and get to the top. You need to work hard for it.

A study shows that 97% of network marketers fail because they are too aggressive and too eager to reach success. Some network marketers do not succeed because try to convince people without any interest in your products. Especially no interest to join your circle.

I am very sure that you already sought advice from the experts, but this article can be a big help for you. Make sure that after you read it, you need to take action also.

Anyway, these are some tips to make you a top earner in network marketing.

1. Expect that “not all” will join

Do not be surprised if almost all your prospects and leads are not interested to buy or join your business. Keep in mind that maybe some of them were all victims from the past by fake companies. Or some are not just interested in that kind of business.

What you will do? Be prepared. You can prepare something you can sell to them. You can promote other things also that will catch their attention. Do not be pushy that promotes a single product because they may not be interested.

You can also give advice or give them a free presentation about Network Marketing. Introduce it for them to understand.

network marketing2. Build your Group

Nowadays, social media is the TOP. You mean top, one of the most popular things to promote your business. You can use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to promote your MLM business.

Share your inner thoughts daily about network marketing. You will gain followers and you will know who are very interested. You can see how effective social media marketing is.

3. Attend Live Events

Social interaction is a must. Attend as many networking live events as possible. You will meet people with the same interests as you. You can talk to them and have a great time together. Do not just promote or introduce your business to them. Instead, get to know them.

While talking to them, you can collect their business cards and call them the next day for a business meetup. The good thing about attending these live events, you can personally talk to like-minded individuals. You share the common interests so it is very easy to understand each other.

4. Seek Inspirationnetwork marketing

Ask yourself “WHY”. “Why you want to this?”, “Who are my inspiration to strive hard?”, “Why network marketing?”. Make sure that the reason you want to succeed in MLM is very strong.

If your WHY is big enough, you will never quit and you’ll find a way to succeed.

5. Be a Learner

It will take more years to become a top earner. Basically, it will take 7 or more years to be a successful Network Marketer. Be open and be willing to learn. Learning is non-stop. All the time you need to continuously practice, implement and improve your skills.

You can read a lot of books and you can search online. If a person is very serious in this kind of business, there’s no such thing as “Failure”.

network marketing6. Widen your Target Market

Almost all of the network marketers try to reach their family and friends first. Yes, it is okay to ask them first if they are interested or not. But do not focus on them only. Widen your market. There are more prospects and opportunities coming for you if you know your target.

Seek people who are really interested in joining your network marketing business.

7. Be a Good Leader

Stand in front of them. Do not be afraid to project your voice. If they see that you can lead, they will follow you. Help yourself to improve more, not only for yourself but for your team also. Do not just rely upon the efforts of your team.

Share to them your stories and inspire them. Be yourself and have courage. You know they need your advice and motivation from you to work hard.

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