How to Rank Advance and Win Contests in Your Network Marketing Companies

You are a network marketing professional. You have committed yourself to one of the best industries on the planet. Now what? You made your first order, you understand the basics and chances are you have made a list of some sort to kick start your career. This is where the fun starts! One of the keys is learning how to rank advance and win contests in your network marketing company.

It goes without saying these are some of the best attributes to the industry, in addition to the income and time freedom you are working towards. Like all things, a plan is in order. This should be completed with your sponsor, mentor or coach – and you want to keep the goals tangible, realistic and focused.

Starting with the obvious, how to rank advance to that first achievement. It is generally, in most cases, one that is attainable by anyone with a little bit of work of course. In some cases, and maybe in yours, it comes more naturally, and that’s great too – but should never be left out of the plan. Similarly the same way you want to take advantage of all things your company has to offer.

Bonuses, Contests and Trips Too!

My company has an incentive trip recently, where my wife and I were fortunate to attend. The trip, or contest if you will, was based on team building, customer acquisition and rank advancement. We had an amazing time – and created some beautiful memories with our teams who also qualified.

Work hard, Play hard. 

So, you might be wondering – how did we get there? First and foremost there comes a time in your business when you decide to go ‘all in’. Again, this is a variable that goes from person to person, but speaking from experience – the sooner the better. The saying is true, cliche or not but when you treat your business like a hobby it will pay you as such. And, on the other hand when you treat it like a business you will be able to take advantage of rank advancements, trips, leadership councils and much, more.

You Want to Rank Advance – Number One Tip

Although there are many I want to leave with you, let us start with what in my opinion should be at the top of the list. Grab a calendar and black out a ninety day period. What this means is that for these ninety (90) days – your business is everything. It may involve some sacrifice (in fact, it will), it may cause you to miss out on a celebration of some sort – but with this type of consistency and commitment you will have lots to celebrate thereafter.

I promise.

Consider this ideology for a moment … If you knew that your life could change immensely in the next 3 months would you do everything to make that happen? My assumption would be yes. rank advance

So, you have blacked out the next 90 days, now you want to be sure to create a schedule that will stick to. In the event you are still employed full time, ensure that the hours outside of your corporate role are booked. Schedule time out that you will make calls, take breaks, complete personal development, and all things in between.

The same process should be done for those who are full-time network marketers. Schedule everything. This will not only help you stay on task but it will help you evaluate and adjust if necessary as you go.

Rank Advance with Your Team

The beauty of network marketing is the ability to build sales teams that work with you. They help you establish a network and in turn a greater reach or more and more people, winning. Now imagine if multiple people on your team were committing to these 90 day blocks together, or simultaneously. Multiple members making the same commitments and focus on their business – the results are virtually limitless.

Because, when you are recruiting people into your network marketing business you are asking them to take part in your vision and ultimately create their own. Instilling and executing on a vision brings long term, residual growth. In some cases, generational growth – one your children and grandchildren will benefit from for years to come.

A chain, is only as strong as its weakest link.

When your focus is on others, their success, their growth; winning contests, cashing in on bonuses and the prize of rank advancing are never far behind.

Lastly, S.M.A.R.T. Goals are excellent way to help you map out your vision. You can construct them to be both geared to long term and short term.

S – specific (include; who, what, where?)

M – measurable (how much, how many, how will I know?)

A – achievable (how can I accomplish, is it realistic?)

R – relevant (is this the right time, right person?)

T – time bound (when – today, next month, six months, etc.?)


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