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May 4, 2012

Werner Berger Joins the ARIIX Team

Record-holding Mountain Climber Plans Historic Mt. Everest Ascent at Age 75

Werner Berger, one of the oldest men to have conquered the “Seven Summits,” credits exercise, life balance and high-quality nutritional supplementation for his success and future success as he sets out to conquer Mt. Everest again using ARIIX supplements.

At 70, Werner Berger set a world record climbing Mt. Everest. Just shy of his 76th birthday, he plans a repeat performance. The oldest North American to have climbed Mt. Everest and the fourth oldest person in the world to have accomplished this feat, Werner credits his vitality to a balanced life, exercise and regular use of high-quality supplements in his diet.

Werner, who produced the movie, “Back From The Edge,” is also the oldest person in the Western Hemisphere to have completed the “Seven Summits,” ascending the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. An ardent supporter of health and wellness, Werner firmly believes that ARIIX high-quality supplements are an essential part of supporting a healthy life and a successful return to the top of Mt. Everest.

Werner dedicates much of his energies to encouraging people worldwide to take more responsibility for their overall health and well-being,which falls in line with the ARIIX mantra of Panoptic Health- which is an overall approach to total health and wellness. His accomplishments have made him an inspiration for others who desire to achieve their life dreams and realize that age doesn’t have to limit their achievements. As a member of the ARIIX team, Werner plans on sharing this insight with people around the world as he promotes health and fitness that can be had at any age.

“The last time I climbed Mt. Everest, I used good nutritional supplements that I know played a crucial role in my success,” said Werner. “At just shy of 76 years old, I plan on summitting Mt. Everest once again and know that with ARIIX’s nutritional supplements I’ll have the very best on my side.”

“When you first read about Werner’s accomplishments, you can’t help but be impressed,” said Mark Wilson, President of ARIIX. “But when you meet him in person, and feel the passion he embraces every day with, he inspires you to go out and conquer your own mountains as well. We are so pleased to have Werner as part of our team, grateful that our supplements play such an essential supporting role in his accomplishments, and are rooting for him every step of the way as he retreads the amazing path he blazed to the top of Mt. Everest.”

Welcome to Our Team Werner!




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