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December 15, 2010

The Elevation Group | Mike Dillard

Everything You Need To Know

The Elevation Group, created by Mike Dillard, will provide strategies, used by the rich, in their every day life, to create, protect, and multiply their wealth. The Elevation Group will be sharing these strategies with members of this community.

Many of these strategies have been elusive to the everyday marketer, and investor. Mike found out that once you create a significant level of money, and income, there was no resource to refer to, to invest, secure and multiply this income, and protect it for coming generations. The secrets of the wealthy were just that, secrets that were kept private from the masses.

Many Millionaires were created during the Great Depression, more than any other time in history because a select group of wealthy individuals knew what to look for, had access to the ‘life jacket” available at the time, and took advantage of them. The Elevation Group promises to be the “life jacket” of our times.

This educational group, will provide day to day real life experiences to assist investors in the strategies to succeed financially in the current economic climate. As a life jacket, members will be provided information in many different areas such as: Asset Protection, Gold and Silver investment, infinite banking strategies, life insurance, money mindset in the coming years, retirement, taxes, and how they all relate to global wealth cycles.

We will be teaching how to create enormous wealth right now in the current economic crisis. Global wealth is shifting, and in the coming years will be transferred, to those that know how to tap into the wealth cycle, and take advantage of all the questions, that up til now, were never made public.

Secrets To Be Provided…

The Elevation Group was created to provide everyone that wishes to educate themselves, the opportunity to stay relevant with the information no other educational group has ever done before.

In fact, here’s just a few of the amazing secrets The Elevation Group will be providing to subscribers :

  • How to take advantage of today’s turbulent market to make an absolute fortune like the rich…
  • How to find a private banker who will give you money at rates you’d never find through your local bank like the rich…
  • How to buy and sell businesses like the rich…
  • How to obtain international passports and citizenships…
  • How to teach your children about money management and security…
  • How to protect yourself and your assets from lawsuits like the rich do…
  • How to find and invest in precious commodities that increase by 100 to 300% per year like the rich do…
  • How to invest in foreign real-estate in developing nations like India, Brazil, and China…
  • How and where the rich put their money for retirement in order to avoid massive taxes…

And so much more…
This type of education will be the “life jacket’ for the few that take advantage of this, and will sort you into the group that “has” instead of those who have-not.

You owe is to yourself to spend a few minutes to watch Mike’s Free Presentation.

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