Sponsoring vs. Recruiting in Your Network Marketing Business

In the network marketing industry, the words sponsoring and recruiting get thrown around a lot. I think it is of the utmost importance to differentiate the two, primarily because one will equip you for a long term, residual income – where the other, will likely create a revolving door type of effect. So when we consisted Sponsoring vs. Recruiting there is one main difference that in turn, creates a ripple effect long term.

With a clear definition, we will be able to a) tackle the differences, and b) adjust if need be.

Sponsoring vs. Recruiting

Sponsor (noun)

  1. a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular
  2. a person who introduces and supports

Recruit (verb)

  1. enlist someone (used commonly in the military)
  2. a person who enlists and is not fully trained

Chances are if you are new to the network marketing space – you would more than likely prefer to be sponsored versus recruited given the above definitions I would think? Our role in this industry, and what makes it such an amazing one – is we are legitimately changing lives, every single day. And, we often hear others refer to it as one of the only careers that you can ‘do the work once, and it will pay you over and over again’.

This is absolutely true – if done the right way.

What is meant by this is that, sure you may be an excellent ‘recruiter’ but now what? Where do you funnel these people that you are ‘enlisting’ in your business? Are they set up for success, are they shown training, or coached on launching their business?

The reality is, recruiters, in the true sense of the word, are not easily duplicable. Often times because people aren’t generally born with a gift to recruit. You find people generally working through their hot and warm markets and it’s probable that those people close to you do not want to made to feel like you were just another name on their list.

Think about recruiters that are in the corporate world. Recruiters try to find people to work at the company. However, once the person gets to the company, the new employee usually gets trained by someone else. You might want to reconsider what type of recruiter you are – otherwise, you will be bringing a lot of people in the business but no one will be getting trained properly, thus retention suffers.

What is the Role of a Leader When Sponsoring?

A sponsor creates and develops a game plan to help distributors promote their business and start earning money immediately. A sponsor’s job is to ensure that people become successful team members.
- whether it be in network marketing or direct sales. 

A good sponsor also knows how to utilize the various skills of the distributors. Zone in on their strengths versus their weaknesses. One distributor may be good at cold calling leads, while another may be better at closing previously developed leads.

As an example …

… putting these two new distributors together can maximize the income potential of a company or product line. Knowing the strengths and the weaknesses of your team members, which means being a tuned in leader, is an important part of being a good sponsor.

Sponsoring almost has a tone of ‘let’s do this together’ – ‘set you up with the basics you will need to get started’ and support them throughout the process.

Three Tips to Ease Into Sponsoring Quality Peoplesponsoring

Always have a plan. Financial success and residual results do not happen by accident. Success usually is a product of a carefully crafted and properly executed plan. It helps to have both short-term and long-term plans. (SMART goals are a great example of this process)

Learn from those who came before you. Consider learning from experienced sponsors who have been there and tested what works and what doesn’t through years of trial and error.

Have a blast.  It doesn’t hurt to enjoy what you’re working on. Your joy and pleasure will be evident to those with whom you are working and to those you are prospecting. If you enjoy your work, people will notice and that’s where the bread and butter come from – people join people.

Bottom line, there are often some great recruiter bonuses tied into network marketing compensation plans, but imagine if you mastered the skill of sponsoring, what that would do long term for your business. There is nothing more frustrating in this industry than having to consistently ‘replace’ distributors who have fallen off. Generally, where retention is low it is up to the sponsor, or leader to adjust.

People quit the industry – and often before even giving it a viable effort because they have fallen through the cracks. They may not have to receive any support after signing on the dotted line, or the support diminished too soon.

Maybe, this is even you who is contemplating the industry given your experience thus far – and if that is the case, rest assured that there are coaches, like me, who are out there to help you kick start your business and show you the infinite possibilities of this beautiful, rewarding industry.


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