Setting Goals Is Only Half of the Battle to Achieving the Lifestyle of Your Dreams with Your Home Business

We hear it all the time…

You must set goals in order to be successful in your own business. Its the secret of the wealthy. Its the difference between modest success and explosive success, etc.

Do you agree?

I’m here to tell you it’s only half true…

Setting goals and writing them down is one thing. Anyone can do that and many people do. But most never, ever achieve their goals.

I’ll tell you exactly why shortly but first you must know this…

Despite your best efforts, you will never achieve the success you are looking for if you never actually set goals for yourself and your business in the first place. Let’s at least agree on that.

Ask yourself, “What goals have I written down for myself and my business?”

Most people never set goals for themselves or their business at all. One day leads to another and the days continue to disappear without success.

How can you get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you’re going?

The biggest roadblock to goal setting is YOU. Setting goals requires you to actually write down your dreams and put a date of accomplishment on them.

Do not get in the habit of working your business without goals. This leads to apathy and an empty checking account.

Goals are the lifeblood of your business. Written goals that is. Statistics have shown over and over that small businesses fail within the first five years. You do not want to become a statistic; you want to become a success.

So how do you become successful at setting goals?

The first step, obviously, is to write down your intentions or exactly what you want to achieve. What intentions do you have for your life and your business? Write them down. When would you like to achieve them by? Put a date of accomplishment on your goals.

Get a pad of paper and start writing NOW. Be bold and write them all down. Your intentions are now your goals.

Think BIG! You must be clear…

You now have goals with deadlines. Your first step is accomplished but this is only half of the battle. Now comes the tricky part. Gut check time…

Do you feel as though you can achieve your goals? Do you actually believe you can achieve your goals?

Ahhhh, the look I see you giving your computer screen right now could melt ice. “Of course I believe I can achieve my goals” you say. “Why else would I have written them down?”

Well, writing them down is all fine and good but if don’t actually believe deep down that you can achieve your goals, then they are meaningless. And THAT is why most never achieve their goals with their business endeavors.

If you do not believe you can achieve your goals…You can’t.

You say you can. You wrote them down. But…

If you do not truly feel you can achieve your goals with absolute certainty…You won’t. You must be crystal clear. Period.

Tough pill to swallow, I know. So how does one go about doing this?

This is where your mindset comes in to play – the other half of the battle.

Let’s take this whole goal setting process just one step further now. Pay close attention here…

In your mind, see the goals you wrote down as already accomplished. What does it look like when it has been completed? You’ve nailed it. How does it make you feel? How has your life changed?

Go to that place right now (the outcome) and WRITE DOWN that part in addition to the goals you want to achieve. Get into the state of mind as having already achieved the goal instead of always wishing or hoping for it like everyone else does.

Assume the feeling of the outcome. Stay in that state of mind as often as possible. Once you actually feel the outcome you will then, and only then, be able to attract the goals that you wrote down.

This is a fundamental principal that has stood the test of time. DO NOT take it lightly.

So, it’s really a two step process, yes?

“What you hold in your mind with energy and focus will tend to be created in your reality.”

Read that again.

The great Joe Vitale wrote that in his recent book: “The Attractor Factor – 5 Easy Steps For Creating Wealth (Or Anything Else) From The Inside Out.”

When I first started reading this book I couldn’t put it down. Its already made a huge difference for me and it can for you.

I suggest you go out and grab yourself a copy right away. This will put what I just said into perspective and allow you to go out and nail the other half of the battle when it comes to goal setting so that you can achieve just about anything you want with your business.

Remember, success doesn’t happen to the uninvolved. Success happens to those who are not only persistent in reaching their goals, but to those who make a decisionto reach their goals, get clear on what they want, and already feel themselves victorious in the so called goal setting battle…

A bit deep, I know…But without question, the difference maker.

You should never be without goals. Keep your intentions and your goals before you. Be clear, feel the outcome, and stay focused on the end result.

Take action.

P.S. Be sure to pick up a copy of “The Attractor Factor” by Joe Vitale at your local book store. There is no doubt in my mind that this simple yet powerful read will be the difference maker for you in the all important goal setting process.

Rick Billings

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