Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing

Straight from the multimillionaire entrepreneur and investor, Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing tips and quotes.

This may just help you to understand WHY Network Marketing is such a powerful way to earn extra income and also save on taxes.

Robert Kiyosaki on Network Marketing

robert kiyosaki The majority of people out there think poorly about network marketing. People have been approached by some newbie or a non-trained network marketer. This will also lead them to think that network marketing is a scam or isn’t a viable way to make money.

It’s cool when a credible and major entrepreneur truly understands the model and is able to strip away the common beliefs (that common people have).

Trump and Kiyosaki have an entire chapter dedicated to Network Marketing in their book called Why we Want you to be Rich and then there is also the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing book called The Business of the 21st Century. These are great tips for network marketers.

A few quotes about Network Marketing.

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

In ANYTHING, including Network Marketing, you ARE going to face rejection and tough days, will you also stay the path or quit?

“Jobs are a centuries-old concept created during the Industrial Revolution. Despite the reality that we’re now deep in the Information Age, many people are studying for, or working at, or clinging to the Industrial Age idea of a safe, secure job.” – Robert Kiyosaki

IF you are in a job you love, rock it and just build an additional income outside of that amazing job. Also, if you don’t love what you do, shake it up, you aren’t stuck in the ground just yet.

“If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” – Robert Kiyosaki

network marketingOne of the biggest concepts of Network Marketing: Duplication and modeling your mentors.

“The idea of going to school and getting a job is the most destructive one in your brain.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Pretty scary that he considers that to be the MOST destructive one right?

“The thing I always say to people is this: ‘If you avoid failure, you also avoid success’.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Some people are so afraid of losing they miss noticing that they are losing, you have to play to win not prevent the loss, like he says here:

“The rich are those who play to win. The middle class plays not to lose.” -Robert Kiyosaki

This is one of those Robert Kiyosaki network marketing quotes that are so powerful, Amen.

“I explain the law of compensation like this: ‘Returns are minimal in spite of massive effort at the start, yet returns can be massive with minimal effort over time’.” -Robert Kiyosaki

You know those top earners in Network Marketing that make a lot of money? They no longer have to work as hard as they did when they started.

business“People say ‘I want to be rich’. The question is, ‘Are you willing to do what it takes?” – Robert Kiyosaki

“When I started my last business, I didn’t receive a paycheck for 13 months. The average person can’t handle that pressure.” -Robert Kiyosaki

This is why you should start a Network Marketing business part time, and not jump into full-time.

“You can’t take care of charity unless you take care of yourself first.” -Robert Kiyosaki

network marketing businessMaking money isn’t selfish or greedy, it creates options and YOU can choose what to do with that earned money.

“Everything the working class has been told to do, the rich do not do. That is my message.” -Robert Kiyosaki

“As long as you blame someone or something else – something outside you that’s bigger than you are – as the source of your problems, the problems won’t get solved.” – Robert Kiyosaki

“People clinging to job security, savings, retirement plans, and other relics will be the ones financially ravaged from 2010-2020, the most volatile world-changing decade in history.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Again, why not create an ADDITIONAL income stream? You certainly can.

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