Recruit More People Into Your Network Marketing Business

We can probably agree that knowing how to recruit more people, and/or customers into our network marketing businesses is a vital skill to learn, know and master. And, this is why in today’s post we will touch upon a variety of different strategies to help you become a better recruiter, and learn the ability to recruit more people into your respective businesses.

Although the purposes of this post lean on the network marketing specific ideology, please note that many of the skills, if not all – are transferable to most business models that require any type of sales transaction, sales team building, or straight recruiting.

And, because I spend most of my time recruiting online, several of the strategies will also be online, social media specific. It’s my niche, my speciality and how I have built a sustained and growing business for decades, residually.

Strategies to Recruit More People Into Your Business

Master the art of building relationships!

Relationships are a without question one of the most important skills when it comes to business. Humans, are emotion beings. We often buy, join, trade, etc because of an emotion. How we were meant to feel, compelled to act based on ‘that feeling’. Start there. Building genuine relationships take time, but become a great listener. Ask questions that pertain to them – leave yourself out of this for a moment, because if done correctly, you will see how it has everything to do with you.

Building relationships online can be a bit of a tedious task, but no less powerful. Through social media, or cold messaging the process can take longer – however, an excellent skill to learn and listening (or reading) is equally as important.

Relationship building with prospective customers or distributors, creates an underlying sense of trust, a sense of wanting to be around you, or do what you do. There is typically a common interest somewhere, once you find it – it puts you in a position, to offer a solution to whatever they need more of.

And, it is possible that person won’t be the right fit for you, but that’s where it leads us into our next strategy …

Become great at asking for referrals!

Referrals can be the ‘life blood’  to any business. And, chances are the referral process – combined with the relationship building skills, will be the powerful duo to help you recruit more people into your network marketing business.

Everyone, and literally, everyone knows a winner. And it may not be the first person you speak to – but every ‘dud’ can lead you to a ‘stud’. Remember it’s not necessarily who you know, but instead, who they know.

This practice is sometimes referred to as tap rooting, or network tapping.

Whatever you choose to call it, is up to you – but to grow your network marketing business to a healthy place of residual income, master this skill and you will recruit more, qualified people. Turn your cold market into warm market through referrals.

recruit morerecruit morerecruit morerecruit moreLearn or Outsource Marketing

There is no way around learning, at least the basics of marketing if you want to recruit more people into your business – network marketing or otherwise. Creating a pipeline filled with leads is every marketers dream. I’ve been using a variety of platforms to meet my marketing needs (which I would be happy to discuss with you). In this post found here, in talking about creating funnels – this is a great place to start.  

Filling your funnel of leads, and planting constant seeds (especially through automation) will help you find yourself building your business form the beaches of the world (or whoever you envision yourself to be) in no time.

Another way of learning or outsourcing marketing to help you recruit more people – can be through websites, Facebook, Ads, Press Releases, Videos, Funnels, Sales Pages, Blogs, Forums, Networking Events, Webinars, and really the list is endless.

And, the truth is, you may not be an expert at all of them – or spending time on them is in fact costing your more (time and/or money), so be shy to outsource certain tasks that will allow you to focus on other income producing activities for your network marketing business.

Follow up is everything!

You might be familiar with the phrase the fortune is in the follow up. And, this couldn’t be more true! People are busy, it is a reality I am sure you can relate to. Often, you won’t hear back from people despite them saying they would get back to you – and it is more times than not, an honest oversight.

I can recall contacting some of my ‘now’ best customers and distributors in a follow up and they thanked me! Getting back to me had completely slipped their mind, and they were more than open to reconnecting and in fact joining or buying from me.

So, knowing this, if you want to recruit more people – you need to master the follow up. Create a system to help you. Here are a few suggestions;

  • Upon first communication, set a follow up time before hanging up, or leaving
  • Suggest a date and time – be specific
  • Use a calendar to schedule the follow up in
  • Set a digital reminder on your smart phone or computer

You may have provided the prospect with a ‘task’ when you first spoke. Maybe you sent them to a video, or document to review – ensure you make note of that as well, so that you can stay on track during the follow up. People will always be more open when you are respecting their time.

Social media. Learn it, Love it, Embrace it. recruit more

This topic is much bigger than what I will leave you with here, but.. Social media I can appreciate for the older school type marketers is a tough one to embrace. But, the reality is – this shift is so imperative to your business.

I am not suggesting by any means that you stop the skills and techniques that are working for you – but I am suggesting you begin to embrace the billions of people online, who are potentially looking for your products or services.

Adding social media to your repertoire of skills will ensure that you gain the ability to recruit more people into your business, and generate leads by all means, necessary!


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I look forward to hearing from you and love to know, what skills have you added to your toolbox!

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