Your Personal Story And Its Impact In Network Marketing

Have you heard the phrase, ‘facts tell, stories sell’? This couldn’t be more true. People often undervalue how much their personal story is worth in the network marketing space. How much impact has your personal story had? Do you share it with others – even your team? Here’s my personal story.

Because we know that it’s an industry, where people join people. So why do we leave one of the most important aspects be it ourselves, out of the picture?

Your personal story is one of the greatest tools that you have when it comes to recruiting and presenting your opportunity. In my experience, most people that are in network marketing have absolutely no clue how to do it the right way.  Today, I want to give you a step by step blueprint on what to follow so that you can start telling your story the right way. Become a better presenter and start recruiting more people into your network marketing business.

It is time to look at your personal story as an asset.

Not a liability.

Consider your story as the gateway, that allows prospects to go from the piquing interest side, to the close. The problem is too often, people want to jump from one to the next without the steps in between.

These steps are critical. Not solely for the close, but for retention later one as well. And, as discussed previously, retention builds residual. The goal most of us, are after.

One of the big mistakes that people make when sharing their personal story is that they try to sell their opportunity. And (or) they try to convince people that they should join their business. When you do that you begin to raise resistance or objections with the prospect. Now, I appreciate this may be completely unintentional, but it is, what’s happening.

When you are first sitting down with or approaching a prospect (online or offline) you want to relate to them and let them know you are relatable. Similar places in life. When you can share your story in a clear, concise and way that they can understand, it allows you to immediately build trust with the prospect and makes you more effective.

For whatever comes next.

How to Tell your Personal Story, Effectively

Here is a basic, but effective start to helping you tell your personal story;

1)) Who are you? This might include your background, your career, your family, etc.

2) Why you were looking for opportunity? Perhaps it was extra funds, leave a job, etc.

3) How did you find your business? Why did you join?

4) What results have you seen – your third party seen? Edify here if necessary.

5) What has excited you the most? People will be excited, by your excitement. This is where your energy, goals, plans, and so on, lay.

Here is what I want to suggest as well. Write it down. Your personal story will yes, make it easier to remember, and tell. But, you want to make sure you are consistent, and that it touches upon the necessary points to telling it over and over again, effectively.

Your Personal Story and Recruiting

Now, please understand that telling your personal story is a skill. And a well sought after skill when it comes to the business of recruiting. Mastering this skill, will help you funnel through the leads that in future posts I have taught you to attract, but will help you stay relatable throughout. When you are relatable, you show people what is possible.

Do yourself a favor, keep your personal story telling to one minute – maximum. Too often we get caught up in the other persons emotion, where this should be an instance where we give it, and take it away. If you have connected with that prospect effectively, they will want more.

This allows you to become the hunted, not the hunter.

Tty to remember this; your personal story is simply to show the prospect that you are somebody just like them. Because, truthfully, they could probably care less about your ‘life story’. What they want to know, and see is that you came from a similar place and now you are making things happen, successfully.

Your Personal Story and a Previous Company

My suggestion to this is, that doesn’t matter. Unless you are recruiting another network marketing leader and you feel this would be beneficial – chances are, it will do more harm than good. Sharing your personal story previous to network marketing is far more powerful than sharing what other company you have been a part of.

When I mention that it could do more harm than good is because, by doing so, you open up a whole new can of worms. I’m not suggesting you be evasive if you are asked about that – but in this case, it is best to be left off the table. Especially, with new prospects.

Unfortunately, people already. have preconceived notions about the network marketing industry, there is no sense feeding into that if it can be avoided. And, it doesn’t speak to who you are (unless of course you have made a successful career in the network marketing industry).

Sharing your Pain Points Through Your Personal Story

This section is especially important when you know, or have an idea of, what the prospects pain points might be. In the event that you know they are after additional income, share that about yourself. Perhaps you used to be a car salesman – you loved the job, but the income simply wasn’t enough. Or, perhaps you were unemployed and this was the answer to staying home with your children instead of returning to work.

Whatever the case is, be authentic about it – but craft it that will best suit your prospect. Remember, the key in your personal story is being relatable.


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