Personal Branding for Network Marketers

personal brandingA simple truth in your network marketing business is that while people are attracted to a company they will normally join you based on what you have to offer. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “People join people they know like and trust”. This can be easily achieved using video.

However, the mistake that network marketers make is promoting their primary company more than they provide value and promote themselves.

So, how do you promote yourself? Personal Branding…

Below are ideas for personal branding.

  1. Always keep on sharing and learning: It’s true as you learn the more value you can offer and the more value you offer the more people you will attract. Also, share your knowledge with others particularly those who have just started.
  2. Don’t speak but show: Many people can say the way they need to perform things on video, but what makes more impact is that if you demonstrate `how you plan to do it. Make a video and visually show people how you can help them out. When you just speak of something that you don’t follow, you are trying to motivate others which don’t have long lasting impact.Whereas when you inspire them with your actions, it works from inside out. Ray Higdon is one of my mentors and he coined ILT…Invest Time, Learn a Subject and Teach it using video.

3. Differentiate yourself: Try and find out ways from which you can differentiate yourself from others.

  1. Don’t feel insecure about your offers: Many individuals get intimidated by market leaders. They look for a less profile partner, which can be you. People do this to get personal attention because being less popular you have more time to offer. Also, a personal connection will help you in building a relationship with that person and increase your knowledge. All you need to do is connect with people and be prepared to share this knowledge of yours.

If you are following a herd and doing what is done by every other person does to bring business to your company that you are increasing the hurdles for your success. To gain success in your network marketing business, think what you can give other than pack it and promote it; it’s where the differentiation will come from.

The power behind the concept of focusing on the promotion of your personal brand, rather than that of your current network marketing company is the fact that making this shift allows you as an entrepreneur to shift your marketplace identity from that of a commissioned sales representative to an expert and business owner. You may have heard people mention that being a representative for a network marketing company makes you a business owner. In reality, in this position, you are just a commissioned independent representative. If the company you represent went out of business, you would be left with no tangible assets or brand equity because all you were doing was promoting another brand and building the company’s database of customers.

personal brandingPersonal branding allows you to insulate yourself from much of the potential damage that would be caused to you if your network marketing company were to go out of business, suffer from bad publicity or decide to terminate your association with them. Instead of positioning yourself a as company representative, you can build your personal brand and attract people who want to do business with you because of the identity you have created for yourself in the marketplace. Additionally, personal branding affords you the opportunity to build your database of contacts that you will be able to market additional products and services to on an ongoing basis. You may want to read that last sentence again because the power of generating customers that are loyal to your brand cannot be overstated.

Now that I’ve covered the importance of personal branding in network marketing, here is a list of 5 items to use to help build your personal brand:

  1. Create a unique identity. Example: “The Millionaire Mom.”
  2. Create a personally-branded URL. Example: TheMillionaireMom dot com
  3. Personally branded headline for your lead capture page. Example: “Discover How An Overworked Mother of 4 Quit Her Job and Became ‘The Millionaire Mom’ Working On The Internet Using a Little-Known Secret.”
  4. Create a personal “my story” page on your site that allows prospects to get to know you as well as how you can provide help to them. If you are sending prospects to a lead capture page, this page is a good place for them to be directed to after they have opted in for more information.
  5. Create a personally-branded e-mail address (yourfirstname@yourname dot com) and create a custom signature building upon your unique identity.

The Law of Attraction through Personal Branding

In conclusion, if you are not having success in your business, then you need to be using the laws of Attraction Marketing and Personal Branding. This alone will help change the growth of your business.

Have you Branded yourself and set yourself apart from the competition. Are you still chasing your friends and family, instead of people chasing using because you understand attraction marketing? You are the one that they want to join because of the information that you have giving them. Attraction marketing and personal branding go hand and hand. You Brand yourself by giving value to peoples lives. It can determine whether you make it or fail. Let’s compare two internet marketers that are in the same business. They are both Internet marketers, and they are both generating the same amount of leads per day. The biggest difference that they can make is how many people they sign up. You have a brand for yourself and understanding attraction marketing. You have to realize why people join someone over another and they both are doing the same exact thing.

Building your Personal Brand

The more value you give, the more attraction you will have. Whatever form of value you are giving them they remember in their mind that you were the one who give them value. Personal Branding and Attraction marketing goes hand and hand. Now they want you to teach them more, and they want to know what else you can offer them, and they will want to work with you. This is all because of value, attraction marketing, and personal branding. The beauty is you won’t have to tell them your status whether you are a teacher or leader, they will be able to see it for themselves. You will be the one that they will want to partner with. They will look at you as the person who is going to help them get where they want to be.

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