Personal Brand In Network Marketing | Do I Need One?

Should you focus on your personal brand or branding your company? This is a common question in the network marketing, and attraction marketing space. If you are anything like others who start out in this field, chances are you focused on branding your company. The difficulty with that, is what does it say about you? Without a personal brand, and your prospects gaining an idea of who you are, what would prevent them from joining someone else who is doing the same thing?

We have established that network marketing is a fantastic opportunity for people of all walks of life – people who are looking for some additional income to their current career, those looking to make their first 6 or 7 figures, others seeking retirement income, and much more. And, what we know is that the most successful people in the industry all possess a personal brand.

There is something about what they do, that is different from the rest. 

They are conscious that this is a people business, and people, join people – not companies (typically). After all, this is often why the warm market is where most people begin their journey. They reach out to people who know, like and trust them, and often are responsible for their first sale and even their first distributor.

You might be asking yourself, ‘what is my personal brand?’, or ‘where does one start building your personal brand?’That’s a great question, and today I want to dive into some tips that will help you either get started on doing so or help improve your current efforts.

Be Authentically You When It Comes To Creating Your Own Brand

It is probable that you heard this phrase a lot while you were growing up. Whether it was your mother encouraging you to make new friends, or your father coaching on the sidelines saying something to the effect of ‘be yourself!’. The same principles can be applied to your personal brand. After all, you can only be you – You may aspire to attain the success of others, but ultimately know that they achieved that success by being the best version of themselves.

When we are authentic to who we truly are, from morals and values, to humor or integrity, to ideas and action, these are all qualities you will attract from others. When you can collectively bring people together who share similar traits, there are no limits. By being yourself, requires less work. Let me qualify, trying to be someone you aren’t, requires far more effort. It is like having to constantly keep up with a persona that doesn’t come naturally, leading as you are, does.

Be Clear On How You Are Different

Sure – you are different than others, but why? Is there something in your experience? Do you use a particular approach that causes you to be different? Are you extra organized? Extra knowledgeable? Super friendly? Athletic? Creative? Even if there isn’t something specific that comes to mind, that you’re especially good at, pick something and run with it!

Make it ‘your thing’ – This will create an impact. 

Knowing who your ideal prospect or customer is, may even help shape this for you. For example, if you are in the health and wellness industry, having an edge in that regard – whether it be physically or in terms of knowledge is a great angle. If you are in the digital world, having a blog is a great example of demonstrating expertise, without even having to say so.

Establish Yourself (and your personal brand) As An Expert In Your Niche

Customers and potential prospects will often gravitate to people who appear to know what they are doing. The best way to achieve this is by sharing value, displaying your knowledge, highlighting your successes (not by bragging or boasting) yours, and others. Share your story, your experiences.

An example of shared value in the weight loss field could be by sharing recipes, healthy eating tips, new exercises, and overall wellness tips like drinking more water.

Immerse yourself into the niche with your personal brand and be passionate it. Share that value with the world. The more you consistently do this, the more people will start to see you as the go-to person for that particular network marketing company or industry.

Why Is Creating A Personal Brand Important?

As discussed above, it will be what helps you stand out. There are thousands of people participating in the same space as you, you want to be where the people are, and build a brand that will help you be recognized among everyone else.

Succeeding in network marketing comes in all shapes and sizes.

You might be someone who prefers face to face marketing (offline) and your personal brand is a lot clearer, physically, in that regard. But, with timing being of the essence and more people creating substantial incomes online, you want to ensure your message is clear – because there is a lot ‘more noise’ on the internet.

If creating things like free network marketing leads online through social media and blogging, or perhaps creating lead magnets and sales funnel is your specialty, always ensure you are delivering a consistent message. Consistency is especially important.

Decide on your message – Be clear about what value you offer – And get to work on creating your personal brand.

Focus On Emotion

When it comes to sharing your products or services, lead with storytelling. How did the product help you? Why is it your favorite service? What type of lifestyle has the extra income helped you accomplish? Tug at heart strings.

We know that people are emotional buyers, feed that emotion with your experience. Help them imagine how working with you, using your products or services, etc., will make them feel. This is all part of your brand. What type of message is it leaving people with? People will always remember, how you made them feel.


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