Nurturing the Relationships in Your Life

You are not alone in this world. You interact with several different people on a daily basis. It could be family, friends or coworkers but each person offers a unique relationship that can add to your life if you let it.

Ti is not easy cultivating relationships. Think of a garden. In order for the plants and flowers to grow well they need love and attention. Turning over the soil, adding mineral nutrients and watering are all a part of the relationship that you want to nurture.

There are several ways to keep the relationships in your life well tended. When they are, you’ll find a wealth of support and knowledge to help you achieve your personal goals.

1. Show empathy. Empathy is being able to understand where a person is coming from. You can see the person behind the emotions. Ask them about their day or how things are going with their families. Empathy doesn’t judge another person but accepts them for who they are.

2. Communicate often. It is easier these days to lose touch. But, there is also a variety of ways to let someone know they are special in your life: cell phone, telephone, letter, texting and email besides face to face meetings. Let the special people in your life know you haven’t forgotten about them even though the years and miles keep you apart.

3. Invest in someone’s future. It could be as simple as teaching them to paint or plant flowers. When you share your knowledge with friends and family, you are equipping them with a new skill that they can use in their life.

4. Spend time with others. We all need human contact. Going out with friends or inviting people over to your home can lead to outbursts of laughter, reminiscing about old memories and new memories created. Don’t neglect people for things. Relationships are always going to be the more valuable of the two.

5. Know yourself. It is hard to be a part of a group if you don’t know what you bring to it. Each of us has unique talents and skills. Sharing these traits in common with another begins a relationship. When you are secure in who you are and how you feel it is easier to share a part of yourself with others.

6. Define your commitment. Relationships take time and commitment. Are you willing to invest that time? When you put in the time, you notice things about others such as when they are not well or need your help. These non-verbal cues develop over time. If you want friends you have to learn to be one first.

Relationships will wither away without proper care. It doesn’t take much to start a relationship but keeping it going requires commitment to share yourself with others to the benefit of both of you.

Rick Billings

Rick Billings is one of the top leaders in his primary company. He trains people in online and offline marketing and values building relationships with new people he meets every day. If you're open to earn an extra stream of income see what Rick has to offer. Click Here