Networking Online Secrets for Network Marketers

Although you will continue to find a plethora of places to network offline, there is a ton of networking online you can do. Especially, when you are equipped with the right strategies. You see, great network marketers are generally expert networkers in general. They know how to connect with people on a personal level with ease. Typically, this can also happen at a pace that leaves others wondering how did that just happen?!

There is a great deal of overlap in the necessary skills required for both. And, I might even suggest that networking online can in fact, be easier. You see, there is often a lot more ease behind a computer screen than there is in person.

However, given the ease of digital communication, we have a tendency to underestimate how difficult it is to stand out. Especially when we’re trying to connect with influencers and industry leaders on social media platforms.

This is where the networking online strategy comes in to play. This post will shed some light on the secrets you can start implementing right away. They will help you network more effectively online, and in turn grow your network. Because, we know that your network is sweet spot. How deep or how wide it is, is key to how fast you can grow your business.

As network marketers, and more importantly network leaders, we are always networking. We never know who one person can lead you to. And, at the same time, we never know who we might just meet along the way. The rise of your network can also help determine if other leaders or influencers are attracted to what you have. Or, what you are building, growing.

Networking Online Secrets

Locate the person, behind the person

Great networkers know that the shortest route to the right person is not a straight line. They know this about a lot of things when it comes to entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, our temptation online is to shortcut this process by reaching out directly to the person we want to connect with via social media.

For top leaders, earners and influencers, gatekeepers could be your first stop. Think of who they are connected to, their assistants even, or even people laterally connected to them. This is especially important when you are not entirely familiar with the target (prospect).

This person could possibly put in a good word about you, even mentioning your name in a positive light can be helpful. Because, your name slowly becomes familiar. Familiarity is important.

Add value before anything

Tony Robbins once said;

‘If you can find a way to add value to a massive number of people, you will have an opportunity to have a massive amount of economic abundance in your life.’

As we have spoken above before, leading with value will always steer you down the right path. When you are consistent, and don’t come across as a hidden agenda, people will follow. People will see you in a light of value, an expert. You become the hunted instead of the hunter.

This value might be through videos or platforms like Facebook Live. They might also include a blog or published articles. Regardless of your medium, value is always the right lead. And, in turn will help your networking online become more effective.

Get personal

This might apply to using platforms like direct messages, or even emails. No one enjoys receiving a message that makes you feel like you are grouped into a whole lot of people. As humans, we notice and appreciate when someone has gone the extra mile. Using someone’s name while networking online is also effective and can help you stand out. Most people are quick to say ‘hey’ how about, ‘hey Mary!’ – small tweaks can make big differences.

Big differences mean bigger results.

You might consider sharing something about yourself and why you were drawn to them. Mention something about their profile, or experience. This doesn’t need to be a place to stroke an ego – but it is a definite place to initiate a business relationship. Have a conversation.

Keep it short and simple

Seriously. This is your first interaction. Online, we can get carried away and what happens then is these massive paragraphs appear and it becomes an instant turn off. Think about how many lines you are sending at once – what will that look like on a smart phone.

Short sentences, no more than a few lines. Wait for a reply and go from there. You see, communicating digitally we are at a disadvantage. We have an inability to read body language, or social cues. So be mindful before sending a novel in any of your messages.

Timing is everything

When you are mindful while networking online, and doing so with intention – you will realize opportune times. If someone has recently announced a new launch, chances are they are not open to something new (in the same industry) right now.

If someone has posted about having a difficult time, lost a loved one, or taking a break from all things social – these are all great signs the timing isn’t quite there. Not for a pitch anyways. A relationship, but a genuine one, yes.

Networking Online Should Still be Genuine

I want to stress this enough. Being authentic and true to who you are as a human first, should never be lost. Whether you are networking online or offline. People need to feel that they can trust you – to some extent. You want people to feel comfortable. Comfortable can equate to open. Or, at the very least if you are listening, will tell you exactly what you need to hear.


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