What Quadrant Does Network Marketing Belong?

Network Marketing

mlmNow that you are familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s famous Cashflow Quadrant, let us now figure out where the highly recommended network marketing business belongs. Do you have any idea? A wild guess perhaps…hmmm, let’s just try fitting it on all quadrants one by one. A MLM business can’t belong to the employee quadrant because first of all you are not working for anybody meaning you are nobody’s employee. The perks of having a MLM business is that you do not have any bosses because you are all business partners and are all treated equal in terms of status.

Ever wondered what quadrant network marketing belongs to?network marketing quadrant

A network marketing business can’t also belong to the self-employed or small business owner quadrant because although you are in an independent business you are still not by yourself because you work with a team to reach a common goal.

A network marketing business can’t also belong to the investor quadrant simply because it is not entirely an investment that’s going to give you passive income. You would still need to work on building your network marketing business if you want it to grow because it can’t build by itself. The moment you stop taking care of your network marketing business, your income also stops.what quadrant is network marketing

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We are now down to the last one and as you may have guessed, the network marketing business belongs to no other quadrant than the big business owner quadrant. You know why? It is because the system of a network marketing business is designed to expand to well over 500 people and grows exponentially without you even realizing it. A multi level marketing business lets you network with different kinds of people from all walks of life. Just like the big business owner quadrant, you do not really need a good educational background or a college degree to succeed in a network marketing business because all you have to do is to find people better than you to join your team and help in growing your business organization. What’s even good with a mlm business is that you need to help these people who just joined your team get what they want so that you will in turn get what you want.

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