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Currency and GoldRemember, all forms of currency has always been measured against gold. For 6,000 years gold has kept its value and has been the common thread of COMMERCE since its discovery. Purchasing the finest toga in 50 B.C., the finest outfit of clothes in 1915, and the latest suit today is all valued at about an ounce of gold.


As the worth of paper currencies goes down, gold holds its value . Owning gold is the equivalent of a financial insurance policy. From the time you acquire it you are essentially putting TIME IN A BOTTLE.


We know that the over printing of world currencies leads to inflation but the value of gold remains constant. After all, gold is and always will be a valued currency that will still be an accepted form of payment for vital goods and services. In a situation where gold needs to be used, small coins are favored for the following reasons:

1. Small coins are discrete.
2. Portability
3. Ease of acceptance- 1/10 oz.

Of gold as payment will result in silver as change. Owning gold is paramount for survival. Contact us for information on how to purchase gold.

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