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From the comforts of your own couch to relaxing on a beach in Bahamas, today’s technology allows us to watch a webinar practically anywhere in the world. You can conduct meetings, give demonstrations, provide training and share tools all without leaving your home even. Regardless of all these advances in technologies, there is no substitute for live events, in person, when it comes to growing your business.

One of the most important aspects of any type of business live event is your ability to network and form relationships with others who are also attending. By meeting face-to-face you become more than just a Facebook name or email contact. If you decide to reach out to a presenter or fellow attendee in the future for help, joint ventures or to form a partnership, the other person will likely be more receptive. Providing, of course, you made a good impression when you met in person.

Live Events Promote Connections live events

Making connections with fellow business owners and speakers is simply unparalleled to anything you can achieve through an online seminar. The experience of being there, in and of itself is unmatched.

There is never a limit to how much you can learn as a network marketer or small business owner. Live events give you the opportunity to learn and build your business from other experts in your industry. While many can learn through the Internet, some educational benefits cannot be learned online. Or, are simply better absorbed in person.

Atmosphere and Environment of Live Events are Priceless

Live events enable you to observe visual cues such as body language and the overall atmosphere and environment. These non-verbal communication elements allow you to see, feel and truly absorb the information being presented.

They support the morale, and the environment can be motivating factors that cannot be obtained in the same capacity as a webinar or phone call for example.

What should also be considered is the level of commitment people generally exhibit at live events – they are people, like you and I who are serious about their business. We are conscious of their importance and this underlying level of enhanced focus and concentration arises.

Regardless of the content of the live (business) event, I always try to sit as close to the front as I can. Be the first to arrive and the last to leave. The same can be said about making sure you arrive prepared.

Live Events Checklist

  • Bottle of water
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Laptop
  • Snacks (if permitted)

Staying hydrated, and I do suggest water, will help keep you alert for starters. Unfortunately, many events are also held in fancy hotels (that isn’t the unfortunate part) but they can often become quite dry.

Notebook and pen, or a laptop – depending of course on your preference, should be readily available to you for note taking. Also, be sure to check the agenda for your events, several that I have attended have also had an interactive component, where you are taken through how to implement the skills being taught.

Those are among my favorites. 

And, I mention snacks because you want to avoid as much as possible having to leave for any reason. The pace is generally quicker, and they jam so much amazing and invaluable content in a few short days – you don’t want to miss a beat.

Business should also be fun and rewarding

live eventsBeing in business doesn’t mean all work and no fun. In fact, a priority we’ve spoken about in past has been the importance of striving for that balance. Taking a break from your day-to-day responsibilities to attend live events allows for a change of scenery where developing new ideas to grow your business is encouraged.

Lastly, I want to also touch upon that if you are in the network marketing space – get to your company events. In addition to the recognition that you or someone you know will receive based on performance – there is always invaluable training. This training is generally delivered by elite leaders, corporate staff, product experts, etc. These events also provide an excellent opportunity to speak with others who are ‘making it happen‘ in your selected business and can also offer great tips, do’s and don’ts and all things in between.

These live events also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with your team – and statistics show that those who attend events, such as conferences, regional meetings, and national conventions are generally among the ones who are the most successful in their industry.

That is what you are after, isn’t it? So whether it be a company specific event, an industry event, or really any type of live event that you believe will push you forward in your business …  Do whatever it takes to get there. This might mean bunking with someone you know or driving the distance instead of hopping a flight, but the results will be more, than worth it.

By investing a little time and money to attend a live business event, you will gain experiences and lessons that will give you the tools to grow your business!


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