It’s Official Tim Sales Joins ARIIX

Tim Sales Join ARIIX as Master DistributorMaster ARIIX Reps, Tim & Laura Sales, Holding Freshly Signed Application with ARIIX CEO Fred Cooper

Tim Sales joins ARIIX with the intention to build “The Model MLM Company.”

A businessman like Tim Sales doesn’t make decisions without already knowing most of the consequents. Yes, there will be a lot of people who will not like his decision mostly because people always think of themselves first and not what’s best for others.

Tim Sales has not become the number one trainer in Professional Network Marketing without having integrity and caring about people. Tim Sales has changed so many lives and now with becoming the Master Distributor for ARIIX. He knows how many more lives he can change using the vehicle of ARIIX. When you become a leader you do what leaders do and that is TAKE ACTION, and that is just what Tim Sales is doing.

Tim Sales is former Navy Underwater Bomb Squad Member. It is said that he will out work anyone and doesn’t know the word “quit.”

So what can this mean to you? The bottom-line is come join my team and have Tim Sales as your upline. Tim Sales has big plans for the ARIIX family and I am very excited to by a big part of it.

Please give me a call at 407-733-3502 and let’s talk.


Rick Billings

Rick Billings is one of the top leaders in his primary company. He trains people in online and offline marketing and values building relationships with new people he meets every day. If you're open to earn an extra stream of income see what Rick has to offer. Click Here