How to build loyalty in network marketing team?

You cannot just build a network marketing team or an organization without loyalty.

network marketing teamBut always remember that loyalty needs to be earned. One cannot just give it or get it. You need to sacrifice to earn loyalty and trust.

In network marketing team, to create loyalty is not only for the success of your own but for your team also. Even if you are not the leader, learn how to support each other to have good teamwork. If your team leaders see that their team are working hard to work together, it is very for them to build on what you call a “team”.

But you know that the key to loyalty is trust? Yes! If people trust you, they will most likely will be loyal to you. In network marketing team, if you have trust in each other, you are all be loyal to the team also. Everyone succeeds together or no-one succeeds at all. You are not a successful network marketing leader if you only think of yourself. You must help your teammates grow. As the late great Jim Rohn says, in Network Marketing it shouldn’t be I CAN DO IT, it just is LET’S DO IT.

Below are some tips on how to build loyalty in network marketing team:

1. Have Open Communication

  • I never heard of him.
  • I don’t talk to people below him.
  • I’m too shy to approach him.
  • I barely talk to him. I don’t know him that much.

Remove all those above doings you have. A leader must have open communication with all his or her teammates. No matter how big you are, rank high or low, all are equal.

What do you need? Create a group chat to have a great communication with other team members. Not only for team leaders but to all the members of the team. This is a big step to build trust and loyalty.

Do you know how helpful communication is? You can ask each other anytime. It will help also to have a comfortable business relationship with each other. And will help them to have voiced out their concerns to solve quickly.

2. Create Value in Other People’s Livesboard 2449726 960 720

We do not join network marketing just to play. This is business but not only that, you will learn how to have a good relationship with other people. A team leader not only exist to teach or to train, but also to bring value other people’s lives. Show them that you can be a role model and that you can inspire them. You exist to give hope and inspiration to your team members.

These people will see you as a good leader. They will trust you and they will be a loyal member to the team. Give time to each team member and create a daily connection with them.

3. Create Rewards

In reality, one of the greatest motivations is rewards. Everyone must agree with this. Who doesn’t want a reward? Everyone wants to receive a gift and recognition. Almost all of the leaders in network marketing team do this extremely well.

Try to have some raffle draws or contests or awarding at least once a month. Think of many ways on how to inspire and motivate more your team by giving them rewards. It will add not only motivation but loyalty also. Recognition is huge. If you feel like someone recognize your ability, you cannot leave them. That’s how they feel. Always focus on teams’ victories and win together.

4. Do Not Take Advantage on your Team

One you broke the trust, you will have a hard time to earn it again.

Sometimes people take advantage of other people who have their loyalty. That’s wrong! People are loyal to you because they trust you. Always correct that mindset. Because loyalty should not be something that’s seen as an absolute.

network marketing team5. Trust them First

You must learn how to give people benefit of the doubt and trust them. If we are just doubting our teammates, we cannot build trust. Without trust, no teamwork. It is very normal to meet challenges in business. Usually, those challenges and trials will test your trust, loyalty, and teamwork of an organization.

As long as you work on it together and fight it together, you will succeed. People will come and go, it is very normal. Accept and Move On.

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