How the Unique ARIIX Compensation Plan Will Affect You

ariix compensation planARIIX Actv8 Compensation Plan

An official press release went out today announcing ARIIX’s patent pending new Multi-Line Plan Type and Revolutionary Auto-Balancing Compensation Plan. So what about it? Well, we’ve always known how the ARIIX Company lives up to everything they say and this latest news shines a spotlight on their commitment to helping ALL of us succeed in each of our independent businesses. In fact, this total commitment to excellence is so unique that ARIIX is now patent protecting these groundbreaking methods. That is how uniquely cool this company is and it is like no other. I can probably say it is like the Apple iPhone of modern nutritional supplementation. If the iPhone revolutionized the way we use our smartphones, then ARIIX also revolutionized the way we see nutritional supplementation distributed through network marketing.400x400 FB Profile

The unmatched ARIIX Actv8 Compensation Plan

The First Patent Pending ARIIX made is its new Multi-line plan type which is an original creation that eliminates the limitations of traditional models while still managing to extract and utilize the best parts of these models. This entirely new plan allows you to build infinitely wide and infinitely deep depending completely upon your preference while all other compensation plan types consistently limit your earnings on either depth or width.

The Second Patent Pending ARIIX made is for their unique Auto-Balancing system that automatically takes the volume from all of your preferred customers, retail customers, and extra orders and places that volume on lines that will pay you the greatest amount of commissions. With this kind of unique system, you no longer have to be an expert on a compensation plan to be successful and the number of customers in your business has never been so valuable!ariix actv8 compensation plan

Start benefiting from the ARIIX Actv8 Compensation Plan TODAY!

The reason why ARIIX did all these things is because the CEO himself wanted to make sure that every ARIIX rep is able to earn commissions to their fullest potential with the use of their patent pending multi-line plan and auto-balancing system offering a compensation plan like no other that is able to literally let anyone do and build whether they fully understand the details or not. This is a business about generating sales and not buying commissions.  At ARIIX, the sales generated by the reps are commissioned to a greater degree than its competitors giving it the ultimate competitive advantage.

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