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Health is wealth and many companies and entrepreneurs alike, are creating new, innovative products with an emphasis on the consumer’s health and/or body image. Knowing that, healthcare is an area which can unlock limitless income potential. Not to mention, residual income if the platform associated is network marketing.

Our health is our most precious asset. It allows us to pursue the passions that drive us and provide for those that love us. As people have become increasingly aware of taking active steps to look after their mind as well as their body, ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’ have become the new trend so to speak.

So, what if you could combine the two?

Health is Wealth

We know this is an older proverb, but what does it mean in the business sense? Or, how can it be applied. First and foremost, what does health mean to you? The dictionary definition suggests that it means; the state of being free from illness or injury. A person’s mental or physical condition.

I would have to agree in a general sense. To be more specific, health can mean the ability to wake up every morning pain free. It could mean accomplishing a physical goal – a marathon for example. Health might mean weight loss or gain. Your health might look different than my health, but at the end of it all – the dictionary has it right (in the general sense).

Now let’s consider the word wealth. Again, the dictionary suggests it means; an abundance of possessions or money. The state of being rich, prosperity. There is no confusion there – wealth has generally always been something of monetary value.

So, knowing the definitions of consensus, how do they marry each other in this powerful sentence?

Without a clear cut answer, I want to touch on a few areas and how this has made the most sense in my business and personal life.

Consider this: You have earned millions of dollars. You work all the time, you thrive off of the levels of successes you’ve been able to achieve. Your work is your passion, so the hours pass by so easily. Your family and friends understand that your business is so important to you – they aren’t offended when you brush them off to make another call or head to the office.

Although being OK with it, you actually have no balance.

No balance, is never good. Despite how it makes us feel.

Without your health, how meaningful is your wealth?

For those who run their own businesses or have jobs that consume their lives, those feelings associated with being out of balance happen much more frequently and often with greater intensity.

Without time and focus to restore balance, we find ourselves experiencing symptoms of stress, dysfunction, relationship friction or just plain burnout. And unfortunately much of this can creep up on us, without noticing until wham! there it is.

I want to suggest a few tips that can help you achieve a solid balance between health, and your wealth without having to sacrifice one or the other. Because the reality is, you have worked hard to achieve the level of success you have achieved – or on your way to achieving. That deserves to be celebrated. You deserve to enjoy that success while healthy.

Health is Wealth: Tips to Having Both!

Approximately 30% of small businesses fold within the first two years. And every small business owners said it can take a huge toll on both your mental and physical health.

Schedule Time Away from your Business

Running a network marketing business is a big commitment, and if you want to be successful, chances are you will put in long hours. While it is important to ‘do what needs to be done’ for your business, it is also important to set aside time for yourself to do something completely unrelated to work. Consider an hour or two at the gym a few days a week, one day a week out checking out of social media, or reading for pleasure.

Trust and Invest into your Team

When you are putting your own time, money, and effort into running a business, odds are it is something you care a lot about. So, when looking for people to join your team, make it a priority to find those who demonstrate being coachable, a willingness to learn, whose values align with your business, and whom you believe will bring value to your group overall. Be present.

Make Healthy Food Choices

This tip might seem a little left field from the other two mentioned above, but equally if not even more important. Working from home, or on the go definitely has its perks. However, it also has its cons. It is very easy to fall into poor eating habits, unhealthy snacking, eating on the go, not eating regularly, etc. Prepare ahead, make a plan, map out healthier on the go choices, etc. Becoming conscious of this is important, it is often the most overlooked yet most common unhealthy habit of them all!

Overall, if your health suffers chances are your business will suffer. And, there is no way you took this leap of faith to build a large network marketing business only to lose it because of something you had an opportunity to prevent in some way. A large component to why we love our business so much is it combines the two – healthy lifestyle, clean choices, men’s health, women’s health, family health!

You might call it, a perfect marriage.

Health is Wealth. 

Regardless of the way you define it.


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