GrooveFunnels Review

In this GrooveFunnels review, you’ll learn everything about GrooveFunnels and how long the GrooveFunnels Life-Time Deal will be available.

Got confused by all the “Groove“?

So I want to give you an overview of all the different products and services from GrooveDigital trying to make sense of the GrooveFunnels pricing, and all the apps that you get access to when you upgrade to GrooveFunnels Pro.

Let’s start at the beginning:

When Mike Filsaime told me he left Kartra and started to create a competing product I was surprised.

However, he convinced me and many of my current subscribers to give the free version of GroovePages and GrooveSell a try and become a beta tester of GrooveFunnels.

If you have not created a free account I would recommend registering your FREE LIFETIME account for GroovePages and GrooveSell now!

Create a Free GroovePages and GrooveSell Account Glossy

What I found out is that this could be the opportunity of a lifetime, especially because you get GrooveSell and a light version of GroovePages for free right now.

What Is GrooveFunnels?

Groove Funnels is a suite of software applications to build sales funnels and websites developed by Groove Digital, which consists of the landing page builder GroovePages, the shopping cart GrooveSell and the email service provider GrooveMail along with other software for selling digital and physical products online.

What is included in GrooveFunnels?

This suite of apps is developed by Groove Digital Inc, which first entered the online marketing world with their eCommerce solution GrooveKart, which competes with Shopify.

GrooveFunnels is a Top-Level Brand of many of our apps in an All-In-One Platform for Digital Marketers which includes:

  • GroovePages
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveKart
  • GroovePages for Shopify
  • GrooveWebinars for Live Webinars
  • GrooveWebinars for Automated Webinars
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurve
  • GrooveQuiz
  • GrooveProof
  • GrooveAcademy
  • and so much more!

What’s the difference between GrooveKart vs GrooveFunnels and GroovePages?

GroovePages is part of an all-inclusive, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management platform designed to run your entire business! It will connect everything in a single account for you to manage.

GroovePages Demo

GrooveFunnels Pricing

To finance the project and get immediate customer feedback Mike Filsaime and the team behind GrooveDigital decided to launch the software as GrooveApps.

GrooveFunnels Time Line 1 scaled 1

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

YES! A lite version of GrooveFunnels is free. With the landing page builder GroovePages you can create 3 websites with unlimited pages. Plus several of the other features are free in a lite version.

To sign up for GrooveFunnels you don’t need a credit card.

How much is GrooveFunnels?

You can get a FREE account or buy a Legacy Lifetime versions!

GrooveFunnels Packages1

What will the price of GrooveFunnels be if I wait until it’s out of beta?

GrooveFunnels Packages2

What is GroovePages and why is this called GroovePages 2.0?  

GroovePages is a cutting-edge landing page, website & funnel builder.

GroovePages Features One Place

GroovePages Demo

This is a video that demonstrates the power of GroovePages.

GroovePages vs Clickfunnels

GroovePages is using a progressive JavaScript framework called VUE:JS which means it’s much less limited than its competitors.

Development FrameWork

What makes this page builder different from Kartra or Clickfunnels is that the code is mostly loaded on the browser and does not make requests to a database. This means your website will load much faster. Most landing page builders use a technology called Bootstrap, which was originally developed by Twitter but is over 9 years old.

What is the GrooveFunnels SDK?

SDK stands for “Software Development Kit”. It’s like putting together a model car or plane. When constructing this model, a whole kit of items is needed, including the kit pieces themselves, the tools needed to put them together, assembly instructions, and so forth. Because there will be some features GrooveFunnels might not want to develop, anyone is free to develop their own solution on top of the platform. You can decide to use this for yourself as part of an exclusive with your coaching program, or even make a full-time income selling it on their marketplace.

What is such a Big Deal about GroovePages being compliant with Google’s “Mobile-First Indexing?

GrooveFunnels is the only software that uses “Mobile-First” Indexing in the websites, pages and funnels you build.

Mobile-first indexing means that Google will now only use the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. That’s means it’s much harder to rank your pages on the first page of Google if you neglect this in the future.

GroovePages Features Review:

  • Expertly Designed Templates
  • Blocks
  • Pixel Perfect and Font Perfect Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Countdown Timers
  • Access to Royalty-Free Images
  • and much more to create sales funnels, webinar funnels, and stunning branded websites
GroovePages Layout Mockups

How will hosting & publishing work on GroovePages?

You’ll get free hosting with or Unlimited Custom Domains (CNAME Masking,) as well as FTP to your server, and can even download all your files to create a backup.

Websites built on GroovePages will load lightning fast because they’re just loading in Html.

Because Groove Pages is hosted on the Google’s cloud platform this means even faster loading speeds.

After using the software for a few test projects, I have to say I really like it. Currently, they are pushing feature after feature to get ready for the official launch.

How will my websites be rendered on GroovePages?

All pages will be rendered html when you add them live. There won’t be calls to their database because they found that to be an issue with many of the leading builders like Kartra or Clickfunnels. These landing page builders need to call to a database to load all elements and this prevents your website from loading faster because it really slows the servers.

GroovePages Website Design

Will I be able to Import Funnels with GrooveFunnels?

Yes. You will be able to. When creating a page you will have the option of using a blank slate, a template or set of funnel templates, adding Premium or wireframe blocks and of course, our exclusive technology, importing ANY page on the web.

Just paste the URL and the software will put it in the builder to allow you to Drag-N-Drop.

If you can prove you own the domain GroovePages will carry over the images and exact text. If you can’t GroovePages will replace it with placeholder images and “lorem ipsum” text. You will be able to import hyperlinks, buttons, colors, everything. Some things like countdown timers will have to be reconfigured.

Will I be able to share funnels in GrooveFunnels?

Yes. With anyone with the link or by specific email address. Just like a google doc.

Will GrooveFunnels have split testing?

Yes. Not at first but within months of the June launch.

Will GrooveFunnels have a blogging platform?

Yes. Unlike Kartra, where you can only imitate a blog, GroovePages will have a complete Blog functionality. This will be available in early 2021.

Will GrooveFunnels do FILL IN THE BLANK?

Yes. It will do everything you expect from the competitors. Just easier and better. For instance, GrooveMail will be like ActiveCampaign. GrooveMember will have everything you need to run a membership with free and paid levels, drip, comments and more.

What will GrooveFunnels integrate with?

GrooveFunnels will integrate with over 20 email platforms, at least 7 membership software platforms, Zapier, Funnelytics and many more.

How many Custom Domains can I use with GrooveFunnels?

Right now you get unlimited custom domains for both GroovePages and Groovesell. That means you can brand your affiliate links, and your tracking links, and your affiliate signup pages and checkout pages to your brand too!

Do pages built with GroovePages load fast?

Page loading speed is much faster than other funnel building softwares.

Unlike systems like ClickFunnels or Kartra GroovePages publishes your HTML page to the web. That means your site exists on the web and not just a data base.

A page builder like ClickFunnels has to render your website every time the page loads. That means you need to worry about Uptime as well as slow load times.

This can affect your SEO and ads costs. Pages built with GrooveFunnels load faster or as fast as any page on the internet. That’s because GrooveFunnels uses the latest “Mobile-First Indexing” by Google.

It’s the only fully integrated website builder and eCommerce brand to do that. Your pages are hosted with Amazon servers not us on the best servers money can buy and you get FREE SSL included.

Does GrooveFunnel have FREE SSL?

Yes. You will get SLL through your free Cloudflare account.

Are websites build on GroovePages SEO friendly?

Yes. GroovePages have a very light-weight code. Your pages will support Open Graph images, site, and page SEO Title and Meta tag settings. You can set your Image Alt tags, perfect DOM container structure, H1 through H5 tags and paragraph tags. All the SEO features you need to rank your pages on Google.

What is GrooveSell?

Shopping Cart

GrooveSell is a free sales and affiliate platform created that is part of GrooveFunnels. Think of it as a shopping cart platform like SamCart or PayKickStart.

It allows you to sell digital products, e-courses, and digital services.

It’s the perfect solution for

  • Infopreneurs
  • Thought Leaders
  • Passion Project Experts
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Influencers
  • Saas and Software Developers
  • Speakers
  • Authors, etc.

Groovesell hosts GrooveFunnel’s amazing affiliate program, which includes viral marketing tools, along with reporting and analytics, 1-Click upsells, and everything you need to run your online business.

Groovesell will also have a marketplace like Clickbank to get anyone who sells products using their platform more exposure.

What Is GrooveMail?


Imagine Clickfunnels Actionetics platform or ActiveCampagin integrated into one system. If you prefer to stick to your current email service provider Mike Filsaime announced that GrooveFunnels will integrate with about 15+ email platforms as well.

What Is GrooveWebinars?

The official name still not final. Originally the launch of GrooveWebinars was slated for Sept 1 2020 and GrooveMember and Groove Video were slated for 2021.


However, after a poll in the GrooveDigital Facebook group, the group members and people who paid to back the project or become a beta tester wanted the option to create a membership for online courses and host their video first.

Right now, GrooveWebinar is likely to be done January 2021. Mike Filsaime announced that the webinar software it is about 70% complete but put on pause to develop the following Groove Products

  • MAIL,
  • and VIDEO

What is GrooveMember?

GrooveMember is A membership CMS (Content management system) for digital courses with different levels of access, drip content, etc. It will allow you to give free and paid access to your content in a locked-down members area.

GrooveMember will be available at the end of June, 2020.

GrooveMember will allow different levels of access. (Like Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc) and allow you to drip you content with a Drag and Drop website builder to publish posts and host videos.

Eventually the GrooveMember will have gamification and certification options.

If you don’t want to use GrooveMember, GrooveFunnels will integrate with every other knows platform on the market if enterprise needs are needed.

What is GrooveVideo?

GrooveVideo is like having your own built-in Vimeo or Wistia. You can host all your videos and (and avoid showing Youtube’s related videos). GrooveVideo will have player skins, player controls, autoplay etc.

You can add tags and calls to action and more. On top of that, you will have AB-testing and analytics. GrooveVideo will be available at the end of June 2020 launch.

The Team Behind GrooveDigital

Our world-class software and services are designed to make a marketer’s life easier.

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Mike Filsaime

Mike holds the distinction of doing more $1 Million Dollar launches for more brands than any marketer. He has generated over $125 Million following his passion, delivering game-changing software designed to eliminate the pain and frustration of running an online business. 

Historically, Mike was responsible for a number of well known “classic” software platforms, such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, DealGuardian, Butterfly Marketing, EvergreenBusinessSystem, and PayDotCom. 

John Cornetta

John’s e-Commerce stores do 6-figures per month. John‘s expertise in the needs of a superior platform made it possible for GrooveKart to not only compete with Shopify but to be better, easier to use, and more affordable. John also teaches e-Commerce and his teachings will be part of GrooveKart to create an unmatched solution.

Matt Serralta

Matt, the Architect of GrooveKart, has more than 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in executive operations, sales, P&L, and the field of e-commerce. Former COO of  Prestashop as well as former consultant for Office Depot. Matt Brings years of e-commerce marketing and development experience to GrooveKart.

Mike and John have been the minds and leaders behind some pretty big releases over the past several years, and most of them involve platforms that aren’t that much outside of what they’re putting together now with the GroovePages 2.0 offer. Think Kartra. GrooveKart, GroovePages 1.0, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, etc.

Mattijs Naus

Matt is part of the founding team at GrooveDigital, the CTO at GroovePages and someone who has extensive knowledge in building world-class software products for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners.

Together this team has a vision and the know-how to exceed their closest competitors like Kartra or Clickfunnels.  If someone can succeed, these four will, as they’ve again & again over recent years.

The Vision Of Groove Digitial

GrooveFunnels Vision 1

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