Being Consistent in Network Marketing is a Must

It is without question that being consistent, is one of the most important qualities for success in anything, even more so in business and in network marketing. Too often we see people jumping from one network marketing company to another. First of all, that is not how anyone operates a business, a real one. In the beginning people are excited and motivated but it doesn’t take long to turn and can start to feel discouraged. People are so focused on wanting success right now that they aren’t willing to focus and consistently build their business over time.

When success hasn’t come in a month or two, they figure it’s the company and they move on to another opportunity. This is such a detrimental mistake. If we compared to that of a brick and mortar business, or traditional business, this simply wouldn’t happen. Now, there may be a number of variables given the start of cost in network marketing is much lower than that of a traditional startup, and could be that people don’t feel as much urgency to make it work.

Because, if you had invested thousands of dollars, you would probably spend more than a month or two working through it.

Successful network marketers practice being consistent every single day in their business

In terms of consistency let us also be clear that this doesn’t necessarily mean working your business all the time. Balance, like anything in life is important, but when you are in business for yourself (and your team) it will require availability and being consistent in your own activity. It simply means that you must set up an action plan to work your business consistently and developing some form of routine.

A predictable one.

The level of activity should be scheduled and frequent.  The importance of activity should be a priority, that’s no secret.

Important Marketing Strategies for your Network Marketing Business

Knowing your Target Market

Let’s start with what this doesn’t mean, your target market (or audience) does not refer to chasing down your family and friends. This audience can be referred to as your hot market, but I think we can agree they are often not our desired prospects. They are often people who get on board with you as a favor, or perhaps they want to try out your product or service. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t extend more than that.

They may be ideal when it comes to regular consumption of products – but in terms of building a business that will help you achieve lifelong residual income – this is not them.

There are a number of ways you can discover who your target market is, and then develop a plan to market to them. These types of analytics can come form being consistent in what you talk about, post about, share, and so on. When you discover the same ‘type’ of people showing interest, interacting on your content, opting in to email lists, etc. These are the people you want to market to.

Everyone is not your customer – Seth Godin

Knowing the people that would like to lead a different, more satisfying life will help you succeed in network marketing.

The network marketing professional will never chase their family members or friends attempting to convince them that this is the best opportunity to cross their paths since sliced bread. Value those relationships enough to know that when you are being consistent in your business, showing passion, building a legacy – the right ones in that hot market will come around.

Pick a Strategy, or Two to Start with

The last thing you want to do, is overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish too many marketing projects at one time. Like any network marketing businesses, there is a learning curve to overcome, so be patient, and stay consistent with one or two until they become familiar – and more importantly master it. It is common to get discouraged, but your success will be won through tenacity and perseverance.

See what other successful network marketing professionals – seasoned and successful ones,  are doing and learn from their successes. Doing this will cause you to start utilizing strategies the way that the successful marketing professionals do.

Ultimately, doing this can lead to a higher success rate overall. Including that long sought after residual income.

Always Educate Yourself

I starts with you. So it’s imperative that you put in the time to work on yourself daily. Top leaders and top income earners in today’s network marketing industry are also top learners. They are often avid readers with a daily ritual of self improvement. If you were to research any of these leaders, you will discover that they have a large book list of accomplished reading.

In other terms, if you take a look at any one who’s made any significant amount of money in this network marketing industry, you will be assured that they work on their personal development consistently and have the library (including audible) to back it up.

Always Being Consistent

Consistency in business is a must. Create a plan, write it down as a ‘to do list’, and remain consistent. You must be consistent in your actions. Without actions on a consistent basis, your business will fail – sorry to say.

When posting content on social media and websites, consistency is key. Not only for better rankings with the major search engines, but when your followers see you posting at a certain time, they come to expect it and will look for it.

If you want your followers to remain loyal, you owe it to them to remain consistent.

Some days will be tougher than others. Keep in mind that virtually every network marketing expert had thoughts of doubt at one time or another, but they kept pushing on. Even if you are not seeing the results that you want in your network marketing business, don’t give up.

If anything, let’s connect and see what I might have in my own tool box, that will help you! 


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