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MLMs: Multi-Level Marketing vs Pyramid Schemes

MLMs or Multi-level Marketing Companies are usually confused with pyramid schemes. This happens when the focus is shifted to acquiring new recruits. They should focus more on promoting a high-quality product instead. Pyramid schemes make money through the sale of “starter packs” and “business kits.” As a result, people end up buying products they really […]

Where does ambition come from?

Habits of Ambitious people… 1) They set goals but don’t share them. 2) They are willing to take risk. 3) They expose themselves to new ways of thinking. 4) They are focused on execution. 5) They don’t compete with other people. 6) They surround themselves with other ambitious people. Rick BillingsRick Billings is one of […]

Downline Duplication

downline duplication

“Systems give ordinary people the ability to achieve extraordinary results.” This is a quote from Michael Gerber the author of The E-Myth, a book I read over 25 years ago. I feel this is even more true today with the power of the internet. This has led me to developing our Downline Duplication funnel that […]