ARIIX Pays Out 100% of Their Matching Bonus… Does Your Company?


Hello, my friends. Rick Billings here. Hey, I want to talk about ARIIX’s matching bonus. Their matching bonus is one of five bonuses they have. And I just wanted to talk a little bit about, a lot of people have matching bonuses within their company, but the question I asked you, does your company pay out 100 percent of its matching bonus? That’s a big question, because ARIIX does.

ARIIX Matching Bonus

And what I mean by that and how they achieve that is that when you personally sponsor somebody within our company, ARIIX, you earn 15 percent of their base pay. OK? So everything that they make, for life, you earn 15 percent of. OK? Now, we teach everybody to get four people. The people those four people go out and sponsor is considered our second generation. And the second generation, we make 10 percent of the base pay, from everybody in the second generation to us. Nothing to do with levels. Income generations start with the first person that you sponsor.

And then, when those people in your second generation go out and sponsor anybody, those people, of course, they make 15 percent, but I make 5 percent if I was an original sponsor. OK? And then we go down seven generations. So the fourth generation, we make five percent. The fifth generation, we make five percent. The sixth generation, we make five percent. The seventh generation, we make five percent.

Now, the thing about it you have to understand is that when somebody quits, the whole thing compresses up. So you gain people if somebody quits their auto‑delivery. That’s why we teach people to get four people, because within our company, when you have four, your products are free, you earn enough money that pays for your products, so you stay in the business, OK, and you keep building the business over time.

ARIIX Pay’s Out 100% of their Matching Bonus Weekly

So a lot of people have matching‑bonus programs, but you really got to dig down deep inside, because the true matching bonus, where a company really doesn’t want to cheat their people, they will pay out 100 percent of that, means they will compress. OK? Important to understand.

So take a look at ARIIX, and that’s just one of the five bonuses in this amazing company. We launch here on April 27th of 2012, and it’s exciting times. We’re continuing to build our foundation in the ground. So we have such a strong, strong foundation, so as we continue to go up and move up as the company grows and stuff like that, boy, it’s going to be exciting.

So, anyway, you can learn more about it at You can go to and learn more about ARIIX, the compensation plan, and this wonderful business opportunity. Have a wonderful day.
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