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November 3, 2015

Multi level Marketing: Wave of the Future

Multi level marketing business

Financial experts have tagged multi-level marketing as the “wave of the future” type of business since this business strategy is unique as compared to a traditional business.

Wave of the future in the sense that:

  1. Multi level marketing products pass through the end consumers so easily and fast. Even in the far-flung villages the products are first to arrive as compared to its competitors in the traditional business. This is simply because of the leaders and their downlines passing through the products and establishing centers in every potential place in the world. MLM members made their homes as display areas of their products, the reason why the products sell very fast. MLM members were trained by the company to invite prospects and give a product presentation. In a traditional business, products are only loaded in mini stores and people don’t know what they are about and what their benefits are.
  2. Multi level marketing gives equal footing to every member. You start with the same entry capital, you have the same products, and you also have the same marketing methods that you are going to use to achieve your desired goals in life. What matters most is how fast you learn the business and execute your game plan to achieve success and financial prosperity. Those who immediately give 100 percent focus on the business easily grow their downlines, and earn significant income based on the company’s compensation plan.

In traditional business, people always stay as consumers and never have the chance to achieve financial fortune. Only the big businesses with huge capitals enjoy financial freedom and are always on top of the ladder for greatness and fortune.

multi level marketingMulti level marketing opportunities

  1. Multi level Marketing business provides business opportunities to all the people. Whether or not you are going to pay any heed to the negativity that sometimes threatens this kind of industry, the fact that many people achieve success beyond their wildest dreams, Thanks to the multi level marketing business. There are some Multi-level marketing companies that have more people earning over $100,000 USD a year than any other company in the world. In a traditional business not everyone is given the same opportunity, only those with a lot of capital.
  2. All legitimate MLMs have products to sell. Instead of hiring sales people and offering up a 10% commission with a low basic salary (or similar), they instead allow people to “join” as partners. They handle all sales themselves, work for themselves, and get a much larger commission, sometimes as high as 50%.

Multi level marketing is having more friends

multi level marketingThose people can then invite their customers, friends, or even strangers to join the business too, should they want to experience similar financial and time freedoms. The person who invited them, the “sponsor” receives a percentage, usually a small percentage of their sales as commission from the company. They do not take a share of their “downline’s” earnings, but from the company instead.

Over time, by recruiting lots of downline members, wider and deeper (downline recruiting downline), and teaching them all to create sales of the product efficiently, the original partner can be receiving a large sum of money from their own sales, but more importantly from commissions they earned from downlines. Essentially, once the foundation has been laid, the earning potential is endless.

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