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December 28, 2012

The Real Life Changing Education

Life Changing Education

life changing education  A life changing education is the kind of education that doesn’t just happen in school but rather makes a big impact in your overall life hence it is called life changing education. To truly achieve real and effective life changing education one must tap mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual education. These are what we call the four essential points of the learning pyramid needed for a life changing education.
Now you may be asking why it necessarily has to be four. Scholars have believed for hundreds of years now that the universal laws of nature operate in fours such as the four seasons (spring, summer, winter, fall) and the four primary signs (earth, air, fire, water)for example. This just shows that affecting all four points of the learning pyramid can truly be effective in attaining real life changing education.

Get to know the what real life changing education is all about

Mental education refers to traditional education. It educates you with the necessary and important cognitive skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Mental education focuses primarily on school or academic related kind of traditional education. The only problem with mental education is the fact that it tends to ignore all the rest of the important points of the learning pyramid namely the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of education. This means that mental education itself will never help in giving you the real life changing education you have always needed.the real life changing education

Emotional education refers to one’s ability to emotionally deal with life. No matter how successful or skilled you are if you do not know how to tame your emotions then you will still not get very far when it comes to real life changing education for overall success. A lot of people have the emotion of fear…the fear of taking risks and making mistakes. You see, making a mistake is supposed to serve as a learning experience to make room for improvement and so it should never be feared.

Experience true life changing education NOW!the life changing education

Physical education simply put is all about putting things into action. No matter how much knowledge you have acquired in your experiences with life, all of that would be deemed useless if you don’t start taking action. You can never improve your future if you are not willing to take action by trying new things, making mistakes, learning, and correcting.

Spiritual education refers to ones spiritual growth. No individual can ever become successful without a good spiritual education and by this I mean the spirit. It does not have to be a specific religion because we all have freedom when it comes to that matter. Whatever religious activity or religious organization you are involved in right now, use it to further nourish your soul for the benefit of a good spiritual education.

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