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Intro to the ARIIX Restoriix

ariix restoriix

ARIIX Restoriix In this journey we call life it is very critical that we should know how to keep everything in balance and in moderation. Remember how too much or to less of anything is never good for you? Having too much money is not good and having too less money is also not good. […]

ARIIX Restoriix Willow Tree Bark Intro

willow tree bark ariix restoriix

ARIIX Restoriix & Willow Tree Bark Let us also never forget about the Willow Tree bark specifically the activated charcoal derived from it, which is another key ingredient for the great success and potency of the ARIIX Restoriix.The Willow Tree bark found in the ARIIX Restoriix is obviously the outer shell of the Willow tree […]

ARIIX Restoriix Chlorophyllin

ariix restoriix chlorophyllin

ARIIX Restoriix & Chlorophyllin Chlorophyllin is also one of the ingredients found in the ARIIX Restoriix. It is a semi-synthetic sodium/copper derivative of chlorophyll meaning chlorophyll and chlorophyllin are two different things so do not get confused between the two for they are both very different. Chlorophyllin is soluble in water while Chlorophyll is not. […]

ARIIX Restoriix: Chlorella

ariix restoriix chlorella

ARIIX Restoriix & Chlorella Together with the powerful Zeolites, the ARIIX Restoriix has Chlorella, which is also another powerful ingredient with many outstanding benefits. The Chlorella in the ARIIX Restoriix is an incredible complete nutritional package from nature. It is a green single-cell algae made up of a big nutritional punch. All of its natural […]

ARIIX Restoriix Chia Seeds Benefits 2 of 3

ariix restoriix chia seeds

ARIIX Restoriix & Chia Seeds Next essential benefit of the Chia seeds in the ARIIX Restoriix is their ability to balance the body’s natural blood sugar levels since a balanced level is essential for both energy and health.You see every time we partake in our meals throughout the day there is always a high chance […]

ARIIX Restoriix Chia Seeds Benefits 1 of 3

ariix restoriix chia seeds

ARIIX Restoriix & Chia Seeds Another powerful ingredient found inside the ARIIX Rejuveniix is what we refer to as Chia seeds. These special seeds come from the Southern Mexican deserts and are best known for their novelty usage in planters called Chia Pets hence the name Chia seeds.Even way back then, Chia seeds had already […]

ARIIX Restoriix Ginger Root

ginger root in the ariix restoriix

ARIIX Restoriix & Ginger Root The last but not the least power ingredient in the ARIIX Restoriix is no other than Ginger root. Ginger is well known for its health enhancing properties and even flavor. It has so many major health uses that one can surely benefit from.Ginger root in the ARIIX Restoriix is popular […]

ARIIX Rejuveniix Super fruits: Mangosteen

ariix rejuveniix contents

ARIIX Rejuveniix Mangosteen The Mangosteen in the ARIIX Rejuveniix is also a super fruit hailed as the “queen of fruits” by Asian inhabitants and at the same time a “food for the gods” by the French Caribbean.Before we go even further, the Mangosteen super fruit is an evergreen tree that survives in tropical climates and […]

ARIIX Rejuveniix Super fruits: Sea Buckthorn

ariix rejuveniix contents

ARIIX Rejuveniix Sea Buckthorn The super berry fruit Sea Buckthorn found in the ARIIX Rejuveniix has already been historically used throughout Europe and Asia as part of their traditional medicine due to the fruit being very rich in essential nutrients. The Sea Buckthorn in the ARIIX Rejuveniix is known to be nature’s most balanced fruit […]