Why Choose ARIIX: Bill of Rights 3 of 4
ariix equal rights & equal respect

Why Choose ARIIX: Bill of Rights 3 of 4

ariix equal rights & equal respectARIIX

  A new ARIIX business owner has the same equal rights as the oldest and most outstanding ARIIX business owner. IMPARTIALITY is the whole point of the creation of these rights and so it is important for you to be aware of this great privilege so that you will know what to expect.

Learn about the ARIIX Bill of Rights

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ariix rightsSo without further ado, let us finally proceed with the contents of the ARIIX Bill of Rights. All ARIIX members are entitled to the following rights.

1 – YOU have the right to a partner’s council. With this right, you are entitled to the privilege of being able to represent your fellow ARIIX member and make any suggestions or recommendations directly to the top executives.

2 – YOU have the right to share in profits. As an ARIIX member, you are not just a simply member but you are a valuable business partner to the ARIIX company thus you have all the right to have a share in whatever profits the company will make. Just help ARIIX build a solid foundation and be equally rewarded with your efforts.

3 – YOU have the right to true ownership and protection. If ever something bad will happen such as the example of the company stated earlier that had issues with its members listening to other network marketing business presentations, ARIIX will work with you immediately and find the best solution that will satisfy YOU and the company in the best and most ethical way possible.

4 – YOU have the right to review compensation plan changes. This one is pretty much self-explanatory.

5 – YOU have the right to become the ARIIX experts. Any member has the right to submit ideas to corporate management for consideration and further growth and development.