Types of Dreams: Past Dreamers
past dreams

Types of Dreams: Past Dreamers

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One of the good things about starting a network marketing business is because of its giving of importance and value of dreams because these dreams are what helps us to press on despite of the challenges that life will throw at us as we journey our way to overall and real success.

Know the different kinds of dreamsanything can be achieved with dreams

Dreams are what keep you going

Being rich is not really about the money and the things that you are able to afford that matters. What is really important is the person that you become as you go on the process of becoming rich.

Dreams become our “WHY” in any business especially in a network marketing business that is how important it is to have dreams and to make them BIG! Today we are going to discuss about the different kinds of dreamers and show you why most still fail despite of being able to dream big.

Let us begin by discussing about the past dreamers. They are called this way because they are the kind of people who stilldreams dreams about their glorious past. In other words their best days are behind them instead of being ahead of them. All they pretty much do is have dreams of how they were able to be the best they can be back then. An example would be retired athletes who still keep on dreaming of how they were able to become the most valuable player in the team or how they scored so many points in just one game and etc. This does not just refer to athletes but to anyone who still keeps on dreaming about their past. There is nothing wrong with trying to recall past unforgettable memories but dreaming about them most of the time is wrong.

Past dreamers should stop dreaming about their past and start getting their life back by creating bigger dreams in the future for them to improve and become even better as before!