The OTHER Ways To Become Rich: Crime
crime to get rich

The OTHER Ways To Become Rich: Crime

crime to get richRich & Successful

Another way to becoming rich is to become a criminal. We really do not encourage you to venture into this one but we are just sharing this to you for the sake of discussion since it is also a viable way and infamous way to becoming rich.

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You can become rich by dealing with drugs, stealing, kidnapping, and etc. Werich criminal do not want to mention everything since it is too negative. Anyways the problem with becoming rich by becoming a criminal is that you do not have any other partners but fellow criminals themselves. No one will ever want to deal and partner with a convict or a criminal and so you are left with no choice which means that your deals will never be that secure since both of you are CRIMINALS and we all know that much of doing business and making money relies mainly on trust which criminals do not happen to have unfortunately.

rob bank to get richIn a legal business if you make mistakes then you are usually easily forgiven and given another chance and can have all the opportunity and freedom to start all over again whenever you want to. You may even have room to grow as you learn from your mistakes along the way. But criminal businesses it is a different story since the moment you fail or make the wrong move you either get locked up in jail when caught or worse, your fellow criminal business partners will teach you lessons you will never forget that may put your life or your loved ones lives in danger! Even if you manage to pull this off and become rich by being a criminal your conscience will always bother you or if you are no longer used to listening to your conscience then there will always be that emptiness and lack of satisfaction inside of you no matter how rich you will get. That is because you really can’t lie to yourself of the fact that you became successful in the wrong and dirty way.