The Difference Between Wealth and Money
wealth and money

The Difference Between Wealth and Money

Wealth and Money

wealth and money  A lot of people have misunderstood the real difference between wealth and money. They think that both wealth and money refer to the same thing and mean the same thing which is probably the reason why they never make it far in life when it comes to real financial success.

Wealth and Money never mean the same thing

difference between wealth and money

You see, wealth and money are two different things that are often mistaken to be synonyms. Wealth is different from money in a sense that wealth is never measured in money but in time. To make it clearer, wealth is the ability to survive a number of days forward while money is just plain paper we use every day to buy stuff. Take for example if all you have your entire life is $2000 in savings and your living expenses are about $200 a day. This means that your wealth would only be 10 days and if your living expenses go down to $20 then your wealth would be 100 days. Are you getting this? Although wealth and money are somewhat related because when you have more money then you will be able to have more wealth, they are still two different things that do not mean the same thing like we had always thought.wealth and money difference

Apply what you have learned on Wealth and Money TODAY!

So having a lot of money does not necessarily right away mean that you are wealth because even if you have a million dollars right now you would still not be considered wealthy if you spend all that in buying brand new fancy cars and houses. Are you now seeing the bigger picture when it comes to wealth and money? It is vital for you to understand the big difference for your financial future’s sake!

To truly measure up your wealth, ask yourself right now how long you could survive financially speaking if you stop working TODAY. Whatever your answer is always remember that there is still hope because whether your answer to that question may be positive or negative, bear in mind that wealth can still be greatly increased even if you do not make much money right now if you want to know how, ask me now…