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November 28, 2012

The Days of a Safe Job are Over!

Reprint from Robert Kiyosaki

Network Marketing is becoming a popular and viable way for people to earn extra income or to replace their full-time income altogether. It’s also a way for people to find the kind of unique freedom that just doesn’t exist in corporate America.

  1. “Lack of control” is the No. 1 work-related stress. Raises, bonuses, health insurance, and just the fear of losing your job. Working for yourself puts these decisions in your hands, allowing you to choose what’s best for you and your family.
  2. Free to set your own schedule. “Spending time with family, when to work and when to attend your child’s school play.”
  3. Free to work with whom you want. It’s not NETWORKING, it’s FELLOWSHIP!!
  4. Free to work from anywhere

Your income is always at risk. If you want a solid future, you need to create it. You can take charge of your future only when you take control of your income e source. You need your own business. It’s time to break of our comfort zones and get creative to help make ends meet.

Robert Kiyosaki, ‘The Business School for People Who Like Helping People:’

Consumer distribution business: for Capitalists or at least for people who hope to become capitalists.

The industry should be given an objective look by people concerned about doing business in the future as well as concerned about their own personal financial future.

  1. Help People. Not greedy or arrogant
  2. Help Yourself. If you help people become successful, it all comes back
  3. Teaching and Learning. Work with people who want to learn. Teaching, learning, and sharing new ideas with people excited about their on-going education. This business gives a chance to teach others what I know and continue learning along with everyone else

Rich people look for, or build networks while everyone else just looks for work.

Value #1: Life Changing Business Education

Invest the time to look past the compensation and products and really look into the heart of the company to see if it is truly interested in training and educating you. Look carefully because there are many Network Marketing Companies that do have excellent education and training plans…in my opinion, some of the best real life business training I have seen anywhere.

If the education plan is good, it can improve your life for the better and maybe forever.

  1. Emotional Education. Making mistakes are how we are designed to learn. It is a sin to make a mistake and not learn from it. In the world of business, if you make a mistake you are punished or fired. In the world of NM, they encourage you to learn by making mistakes, correcting, and getting smarter mentally as well as emotionally. That is life changing education…education that is almost opposite of traditional education.
  2. Physical Education. Network Marketing Companies encourage you to go out and face your fears by taking action, making a mistake, learning from the mistake, and growing mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger in the process. Living in an environment of fear is not healthy. You cannot improve your future if you are not willing to try something new and risk making mistakes and learning from them. If you are afraid of making mistakes, but know you need to make some changes in your life, than a good Network Marketing Companies could be the best long term personal development program for you.
  3. Spiritual Education. A person’s spirit is the power that propels us past our mental, emotions, and physical limitation…limitations that often define our human condition. The successful leaders in Network Marketing have been trained to develop the ability to speak to the human spirit. They have the ability to touch the greatness in those coming behind them and to inspire them to move up…to go beyond their human limitation.
  4. Communicating Mentally. Real change requires all four sides.
  5. Communicating Emotionally. Being trained by a Network Marketing Companies with a great education plan is that it encourages you to overcome your emotional limitations and speak from your spirit.
  6. Communicating Physically. Great Network Marketing Companies spend a lot of time on improving a person’s physical appearance. Leaders know that healthy, physically attractive people communicate more unhealthy people.
  7. Deciding to jump doesn’t mean you’ve jumped off physically. Most people find it easy to decide to improve their lives in some way, but then put off doing anything about it until tomorrow. Most people want to change something in their lives, but the change only begins when you take action.

If you are ready for some kind of change in your life, look into the education programs offered by some of the Network Marketing Companies. Take some time to see if the business, the compensation, the products, and the education are what you may need at this stage in your life.

Value #2: The Value of Changing Quadrants 

The more you seek job security, or become a licensed professional, the less control you have in your life. If you want to be free, you must mind your own business.

Changing from one quadrant to another isn’t an overnight process, and good Network Marketing Companies offer time and guidance. Most B’s don’t make it because the price is too high when it comes to mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

3 Types of Businesses: Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard; Franchises; and Network Marketing. Network Marketing has a low price of entry, and can be done part-time.

It is important to change environments so you can begin to think like people who have or want to have both money and free time. There is a difference in mindsets and to find that mindset you need to change environments…quickly. Give the program everything for 5 years….or just 6 months.

The value of guiding people across quadrants is a very important service that Network Marketing Companies provide!

Greatest values of the NM training solutions:

  • Encourage you to leave the nest rather than be an employee
  • Have a program to support you during the periods of fear, doubt, and frustration
  • Have mentors who have made the journey themselves, encouraging you to follow after them
  • Will not fail you as they do in school, or fire you as then do in business, if you make the journey at a pace that is best suited for you
  • They want you to make it to the other side

Value #3: The Value of Access Into a ‘B’ Quadrant Business….without the high cost of building and maintaining the business

Most people don’t build a B quadrant business because it is expensive, and it is not easy. Network Marketing offers the opportunity to access a B quadrant business at a more affordable price with much less effort. Once you have joined the business your job is simply to follow the plan and work at your own speed.

Our school systems educate us as to what it takes to be experts in the E and S quadrants but never to what it takes to create a B quadrant business. The Network Marketing industry has made access available without having to be rich and without having to go back to get an expensive college education, which only trains you to be a better E or S anyway. The Network Marketing system and the industry has done a great service by literally leveling the playing field. They did this by making the opportunity for truly great wealth available to anyone willing to follow the system and enter the world of the B quadrant….the quadrant of the ultra-rich.

Value #4: The Value of Investing in the Same Investment the Rich Invest In

Value #5: The Value of Living Your Dreams

One of the more important values in a good Network Marketing Company is that they stress the importance of going for and living your dreams. Being rich and being able to afford a big house is not important. What is important is striving, learning, doing your best to develop your personal power to afford the big house. It is who you become in the process of affording the big house that is importance. People who dream small dreams continue to live lives as small people.

If you are a person with big dreams and are also a person who would love to support others in achieving their big dream, then Network Marketing is definitely a business for you. A business and people who help others have their dreams come true, is a value worth working for.

Value #6: The Value of a Network

Metcalf’s Law: A Network’s Economic Value = No. of Users(2)

In order for you to harness of Network Marketing, you must clone or duplicate someone like you. The moment there are two of you, your economic value is squared. Instead of working hard arithmetically, your economic value begins to grow exponentially.

Value #7: How Your Values Determine Your Reality

If you value job security, your reality will be that of an E quadrant. If you value ‘doing your own thing,’ your reality will be in the S quadrant. If you value freedom, your reality will be in the B or I quadrant. Your values determine your reality. You can choose between faith or fear to determine your values. Vision and faith go hand in hand. In order to have a vision of a brighter and better future, you must have faith. If your faith is weak, so is your vision.

Value #8: The Value of Leadership

In Network Marketing, one of the most important skills in the education is that they develop leaders. We all have this skill, but few of us are offered the training, time, and opportunities to actually develop it. Network Marketing Companies offer some of the best business leadership development programs in the world; the lessons you learn are applicable to every other quadrant.

Within training, you hear the leaders speak and inspire others to find their own personal greatness. Leaders speak to a person’s spirit. Network Marketing exists to create people of greater and great value.

Why the Network Marketing Business will Continue to Grow:

1.       People want more freedom. Gone are the days when a person took a job at 25 and stayed there for life. Network Marketing provides a low cost of entry and readymade systems for those anxious to make a change.

2.       People want to be rich. People come to Network Marketing as a means of building that lifetime of security their job did not provide.

3.       Individual retirement portfolios will be wiped out. Millions of people will never be able to retire or they will not have the pleasant retirement they dreamed of. That is the risk of betting your retirement on paper.

4.       More people will wake up. In the Industrial Age, the rules were that you worked hard and the company and the government took care of you. In the Information Age, the rules are you take care of yourself. When the dream of a safe secure retirement is gone, many people will wake up to the fact that the old ideas of the Industrial Age are over.

In Summary:

  1. Decide to make a positive change in your life.
  2. Set a goal to stick with the business for 5 years, 2 years, 1 year, or 6 months. “The difference between a winner and a loser is defined by the finish line. A winner does not care if they come across the finish line in first or last place. All they care about is crossing the line. A loser quits before winning. A loser runs 95 yards of a 100 yard race everyday of their life.”
  3. Stick to the goal. Do not do what unsuccessful people do….which is to change their minds once they have made up their minds. The goal is to improve your core thinking and values.
  4. Define the goal. Just a few more dollars a month? Replace your jobs income? Become rich? Become ultra-rich?
  5. Study like your life depended on it…because it does.
  6. Dream big…and never lose sight of your dream. “The difference between successful person and a very successful person is the size of their dreams.

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