The Ideal Business

In the Past 60 Years There’s Only Been a Handful of MLM Businesses ThatHave Become Billion-Dollar Success Stories. Just a Few of Those Have Gone on to Become A Multi-Billion Dollar Business.

History Has Proven That This Criteria is What Identifies An MLM Business!

#1- Company Must Go Long-Term

  • The executive management team must have a proven track record of running large companies internationally.
  • In an MLM Business, the management team must be diversified and masters at what they do.
  • The management team must know the MLM culture, which is much different than traditional business.
  • An MLM Business will provide in writing, in no uncertain terms, what representatives can expect in return for their services and commitment to the company.
MLM Business

#2- Products Must Sell Outside the Network

  • An MLM Business must have flagship products that customers outside the network buy and continue to buy.
  • Products must be visual, emotional, consumable and require explanation.
  • Unique effective products will always sell outside the network.
MLM Business

#3- Company Will Grow & Continue to Grow

  • An MLM Business must attract great experienced field leaders.
  • An MLM Business creates new products through exclusive brands with a distinct and unique customer base in mind.
  • Divisional diversification gives potential representatives a broader scale and provides them the opportunity for greater and more sustainable sales.
  • An MLM Business must have record setting growth year over year!
MLM Business

#4- Must Be Paid Well for Your Production

  • With an MLM Business you WILL get paid well!
  • The management understands that the engine that drives their MLM is YOU the REPRESENTATIVE.
  • Important features for an Elite MLM Business are retention, retailing, full-time income and retirement income.
  • An MLM Business has a retention strategy in place.
  • An MLM Business will have products with good retail margins.
  • An MLM Business will create a compensation plan that secures full-time income and builds retirement income.
MLM Business

#5- Training Must Produce a Successful Representatives

  • An MLM Business will provide research & development, international growth opportunities, websites, sales rep management software, marketing campaigns and training systems.
  • An MLM Business will provide procedures, techniques and leadership.
  • Elite people keep drilling until they can’t do it wrong!
MLM Business

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