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July 16, 2014

With A Vision You Can Create Success

It’s titled “Vision”…


This is an excellent video that was put together as a motivational tool to help empower you to create success.

We all have a biological clock. And when we make the transition from life, we have 3 things on our tombstones.

The year we’re born, the year we died, and that little dash in the middle.

What seems so insignificant that little dash is the most significant symbol of those 3 things. Because whatever that little dash represents, everything you did and did not, can and cannot, the adventures, the victories, the failures, the let downs, and everything in-between. That little dash IS (or was) your life!

Now, if that scares you, this video and post should be very important to you and you should really focus on ways you can create the motivation required to create success. As you watch this video, reflect back on your life, think about all of the things you wanted to do, said you were going to do, planned on doing, but just didn’t do.

See, there are many ways to create success beyond just making money and we all have things that call to us throughout our lives requiring us to create success to make them happen.

It might be about money, it might be about service to others, it might be about nothing more than having a family and creating a simple life. We all create success differently.

I personally have a raging fire in my heart that constantly creates recycles the question, “How is high? How far can you go?” and I’m driven to find that answer.

I create success in many ways in my life just like everyone else does.

So, as you watch this video and you see all of the inspiring clips and scenes, know this… The ways we create success might be different but, the process is always the same, and everyone has their own dash to fill in.

What will your dash mean?

Rick Billings

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