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October 4, 2012

Types of Dreams: Small Dreamers

small dreamsDreams

Obviously the small dreamers are the individuals who dream of small dreams instead of BIG ones. They did the first step of achieving success and that is to have dreams but they failed on the part of having BIG dreams. The reason why these people stick on their small dreams is because they are too afraid of not being able to achieve it. For them, having small dreams are okay as long as they are confident in achieving them. The result of having this kind of mindset is that they tend to never achieve anything at all even if they are fully capable of accomplishing that small dream.

Know the different kinds of dreamsanything can be achieved with dreams

Dreams are what keep you going

dreamsThese small dreamers are people who have dreams that they confidently know they can achieve but never seem to just achieve it for some many reasons such as being to busy. Later on they regret about not being able to do it in the first place, which to us does not make very good sense at all.

Most small dreamers do not go about achieving anything at all and the worst part of that is they themselves are perfectly fine about it! They are pretty much are very passive on most things thus they fail to see great and big opportunities. They are contented and very much satisfied on how they see dreams. They believe it is important to have dreams but limit themselves to just small ones. Small dreams are okay but not great since they do not give that much impact to you and to others as a whole. It is too minor and most of the time easy to achieve meaning it never challenges you to strive better and improve yourself. Small dreamers think small that is why their lives will continue to be as small as they dream of it to be.

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