October 4, 2012

Types of Dreams: Old Dreamers

old dreamsDreams

Do not be confused with old dreamers from the previous one referred to as the past dreamers because they are both very different. Past dreamers dream about their past while old dreamers are people who dream about their future and have already achieved it BUT have failed to dream another new one. That is why we refer to them as old dreamers because they are no longer creating new dreams for their future.

Know the different kinds of dreams

Dreams are what keep you goingdreams

You see dreams are an ongoing process just like success. It is not a destination but it is a journey. When you have very big dreams for your future and have already achieved it, your life does not just stop there. You should move on and pursue more dreams to achieve after all everyone is entitled to dream for free!

anything can be achieved with dreamsTake for instance you have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and by the time you are a certified and well recognized one you no longer create new dreams. Its as if your life already stopped at your dream of becoming a lawyer.

A good tell tale sign that you need to have new sets of dreams is the moment you get bored with your life. If ever after all the years of hard work and sacrifices you have happily and satisfyingly achieved what you have always dreamed of and begin to get bored along the way that proves to tell that you had just stopped creating new dreams for yourself after achieving your initial set of dreams.

A lot of individuals today are already living the life they have always dreamed about when they were still a kid. The problem is they are no longer a kid and their childhood days are over for years now. It is high time for a new dream and new journey. Do not stop believing and never stop dreaming!

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