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January 22, 2013

Three Powerful Ways to Get Rich by Overcoming Fear (2nd Way)

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accepting failure to get richSecond powerful way to overcome fear and get rich is to learn from failures because nobody could ever do anything great in life without failing. Biker champions had to first learn how to ride a bike and get injured while practicing. Each time they were faced with the decision to either quit or get back on and chose to get back on anyway no matter what happened. The same is true for pro golfers. I’m sure they’ve lost many golf balls over the years. The difference between winners and losers is whether they look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, or as an opportunity to quit. For winners, losing inspires them. For losers, losing defeats them. This is the exact same thing if you really want to get rich overall.

Three Powerful Ways to Get Rich by Overcoming Fear

2nd way to overcome fear and get richTo get rich means to never quit despite of many failures. Just remember the saying winners never quit and quitters never win. Remember that failure is part of success and without it you would never get rich and succeed in all your endeavors. Failure helps us get closer to success by showing to us what does not work. If you do not fail, you will never know the difference between right and wrong. Just take Thomas Edison as a good classical example. Thomas Edison is best known as the great inventor of the light bulb. Without this invention of his, all of us today would never be able to enjoy the beauty of having electric lights around us especially at night.

Overcome your FEAR and Get rich NOW!first way to get rich and overcome failure

Before Thomas Edison became great and before he perfected the light bulb, he first failed a thousand times from testing different parts that would make the bulb light for a very long time. Most of the things he used burnt up easily and did not give that much light so he experimented and never gave up until he finally find the perfect one.

The persistence and acceptance of failure by Thomas Edison and learning from it not only made him great and famous but rich as well. So if you really want to get rich start overcoming your fear by learning from your failures.

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