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February 9, 2013

Why Smart People Fail to Get Rich: 1st Sign of Low EQ

Get Rich

Catch money The first sign of low emotional intelligence that makes it hard for smart people to get rich is their being too cautious in playing and dealing with the money game. Most smart people look for a good high paying job and are also the ones that often pay the highest amount of tax percentages. Since they are smart they fear failing just like in school which is why they become too cautious that they fail to invest wisely to get rich and just content themselves in keeping their money in the bank earning very little to no interest.

Smart people find it hard to get rich because of LOW EQincrease EQ to get rich

Unlike average people or even dropouts who normally get a C in class, smart people are  used to doing things all by themselves and are trained to always get perfect grades with no failures as much as possible without copying from others. This is the exact opposite in the business world because in order for you to succeed in each of your business endeavours you must first fail so that you can learn from it and you must sometimes copy your competitor’s strategy and revise it to make your product or service way better.

You can also get rich!EQ helps you get rich

See the big difference of how smart people are trained compared to just regular students who do not do so well in school. Of course, I am not saying that all average C students will get rich and that all smart students in class will not. Everything depends on the decisions that you will be making along the way the moment you graduate. There are a lot of average C students out there who are also failing to get rich so don’t get discouraged if you are smart. As a matter of fact, being smart is a gift and you should learn to use it for your greater advantage. Just remember to keep everything in moderation and learn to use your IQ to better improve your emotional intelligence for overall success not just in terms of finances!

get rich

Rick Billings is one of the top leaders in his primary company. He trains people in offline and online marketing and values building relationship with new people he meets everyday. If you need help getting more leads, you can check out his page at MLM Lead Generation.


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Rick Billings

Rick Billings is one of the top leaders in his primary company. He trains people in online and offline marketing and values building relationships with new people he meets every day. If you're open to earn an extra stream of income see what Rick has to offer. Click Here ——— My #1 recommended tool: Your complete digital products and services online sales system. Create websites, build funnels and make more sales - Get your free lifetime account by Clicking Here!

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