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May 4, 2017

Personal Development Tools For Entrepreneurs

First and foremost, personal development is a lifelong process. It is a skill that must be worked, similar to that of a muscle. Although you might set a great foundation initially reading personal development books and audios, conferences or workshops, it must be nurtured, cared for, and fed often.

And, with the right personal development tools in place, it can help foster your goals, stretch your growth and maximize your potential. Probably sounds like a pretty important skill to have knowing all that, would you agree?

There are endless resources available to work this muscle, for all varieties of learning styles and preferred delivery methods. Sometimes we hear audios referred to as university on wheels – pop that CD in, or plug in that auxiliary cord and it’s game on. Definitely, one way to maximize time spent on the road in the event that makes finding the time difficult.

Let’s explore some of the core benefits of Personal Development before jumping into the tools, shall we …

Personal Development Core Benefits

Direction, or sense of one

The ability to be clearer in your decision making processes. Knowing what obstacles that may be holding you back, with personal development it opens your mind, eliminates certain variables and allows you to laser focus on the desired outcome. It may assist in determining what makes sense now, and what should be tabled for later. Which decisions, collectively, push you there.

Self-Awareness personal development

Here’s the deal, when you know who you are, really are in terms of your beliefs, values, intentions, and purpose that is self-awareness. It is a matter of identifying who you are, and what you want for your life – not that of someone else’s. For example, if your goal is abundance being self-aware will equip you with the tools to know what things need to be in place to achieve what you desire.

Bottom line, the personal development component, is figuring out and owning who you are.


It is not uncommon for those who regularly practice and implement PD that they experience sense of clarity. To some degree, a lot of this ties into the two (2) previously discussed benefits of direction and self-awareness, but ultimately being able to help you zone in. Having the vision to create plans to achieve the end goal. Being able to eliminate the noise, the naysayers, including that familiar voice in your head that tells you that you can’t.

Enhanced Motivation

As an entrepreneur, it is likely you are already a self-starter (motivator). The levels may vary, and it is important to use personal development to enhance that motivation for the times that a task becomes daunting. Or perhaps, didn’t see the result you expected or desired. Increasing or enhancing your motivation will help you push through those times.

And, with that comes resilience. The right activities that continue to develop you personally will have those ‘no’s’ or ‘not interested’ feeling less and less important. Allowing you to emotionally detach from the outcome and enable you to adjust.

Meaningful, Productive Relationships

When your personal development is on point, it will allow you the opportunity to also see clearer the relationships in your life. Whether they are pulling you down or pushing you forward. It is OK and expected to outgrow people – especially, once they’ve served their purpose. It may have been a void that needed filling, one leading you to greater things.

You might agree, it’s fair to say there are likely variations on these core benefits, but ultimately the foundation is the same. The need to master these skills can be pivotal in your career, your business. And the great news is, they can be attained through consistent personal development. 

Personal Development Tools

First things first, books. My top recommendation is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

The book asserts that desire, faith and persistence can propel one to great heights if one can suppress negative thoughts and focus on long-term goals.

Throughout this classic, he breaks down the 13 Key Principles for success. It is a book you can read time and time again (and should) and continue to implement the concepts throughout your life. (this book is also available on audio)

Additional personal development books include (but certainly not limited to the Success Principles by Jack Canfield

  1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Peale
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  3. The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris
  4. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

Also, check locally into local workshops, seminars or conferences that help facilitate a variety of personal development training and practices such as;

  • Meditation
  • Self-Help Theories
  • Yoga (or other forms of relaxed exercise practices)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Videos (pre recorded, live)

Because technology has grown so much there are even smartphone applications that can deliver you personal development daily activities, or trackers.

Career Self Development Goals | Lists

Consider creating a list, several lists – you may want to include them on a vision board, or sticky note you see often. Gentle, but obvious reminders are beneficial throughout your personal development growth.

  • Personal goals
  • Professional goals
  • Career goals

Therefore, my thoughts? Take advantage of things available as long as they are serving your purpose. You may consider working with a business advisor, coach or mentor. Ideally, someone who has attained the level of success you seek.


Did this help you? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you shared this content and commented below.

I look forward to hearing from you and your personal development achievements!

And, definitely, check this out in the event you are looking to see how it is I have changed my life through the Network Marketing Industry over the past 12 years (and how you can too!) 

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