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October 7, 2016

5 Reasons to Make Time for Yourself Right Now

guy-sitting-oceanIt’s instinctive for driven professionals to work ’round the clock, making little time for themselves.

While such a high level of inner gumption will take you far, there comes a point in time when burnout sets in. Before this happens to you, consider these five reasons why making time for yourself on a regular basis is not only important but is actually a key ingredient for success.

1. It clears and refreshes your mind.  If your routine is the same day after day, it’s bound to get old, no matter how much a creature of habit you are. When you allow your mind to focus on something other than work, it helps you gain perspective that you can’t see when you’re knee deep in the trenches.

2. You can’t be good to anyone unless you’re good to yourself.  You are more than just a business leader. You are a whole person. If you don’t value that person, you can’t be effective in managing and leading others. The work will get done just the same or even better if you use your time wisely. So start by being good to yourself, take some time off and give yourself what you need.

3. You will be more creative. Creativity is not found in the organized and logical part of your left-brain, it actually lives in the chaotic, messy and unorganized side of your right-brain. And so does inspiration. Sitting day in and day out in your office trying to move things along will at some point cause your ideas to dry up. Taking some time off from organization and processes will give you the space to explore the chaos in your right-brain. It’s amazing what you will find in there.

4. Being a control freak isn’t helpful. Business leaders know how to control situations and create outcomes. But they can also be controlling people. There is only so much we are able to control and at some point we have to learn to let go before we get in our own way. Making time for yourself is a great way to take a step back and relinquish control, even if for only an hour per week.

5. You keep in touch with what’s truly important.  When we define ourselves by what we do, we can easily lose sight of who we are, leaving us devastated when the unexpected happens. Taking time for yourself allows you to realize that you’re more than your professional self.

Lindsay Broder, Entrepreneur.com

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