Learn How to Create Your Personal Brand WordPress Website MasterClass

One of the most powerful ways to build your personal brand online is creating your own WordPress website. Rick has over 15-years of WordPress experience.

Once you learn what Rick will be teaching you in his MasterClass, you'll be in full control of your brand allowing you to build a following, blog, sell anything you want, share information and content forever.

Your personal brand will increase your influence and you can become an authority in your niche.

Rick created RickBillings.com in 2001 and it's evolved just as I have over the years. The best time to start your personal branded website and blog was 20 years ago, the nest best time is TODAY!

Once You Complete Rick's Course You'll Have Your Own Personal Branded WordPress Website!

Rick will be teaching you in several lessons how to build your personal branded WordPress website. Your website will be developed using WordPress.org, one of the most popular free platforms online. You will get instant access once you signup and pay.

Here is a list of a few things you'll be learning.

  • Registering your domain name. This will cost about $10 each year. (Example: RickBillings.com) This will also allow you to have an email at your own domain. 
  • Setting up hosting for your domain. This will cost about $35 for the first year.
  • Choosing the best theme I've found from my 15 years experience with WordPress. A theme is how a website looks and acts. This will cost about $99 each quarter or $299 per year. This theme can also be used on multiple websites and has its own Online University.
  • Installing WordPress plugins. I will share all the plugins you need from all my past experience is building websites online. WordPress plugins are the functionality of your website.
  • Creating pages for your new personally branded website. (Home, About, Contact, etc) 
  • Setting up your blog and how to share them on social media to gain more traffic to your website. 
  • Creating menus, hidden pages, funnels, etc all on your personally branded website.
  • Help you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how a plugin can guide you to an optimized page or post.

The Personal Branding WordPress Website MasterClass is On-Demand and You'll Have Access for Life.

You'll Receive A Certificate Of Completion!



BONUS #1 — Automatic Social Media Posting

BONUS #2 — Simple Sales Page Outline

BONUS #3 — Learn the SEO Page Structure

BONUS #4 — How to Add ALT Tags to Images in WordPress

BONUS #5 — Power Words for Your Headlines

BONUS #6 — Extra Efforts Yield More Traffic

Rick, my friend. I'm happy to share our goals with you. You're a constant inspiration to me. My wife and I found our home with the company we've both in now and walking with you will be a magnificent adventure. Thanks for everything, HUGS from Italy!

Mario A.

What qualities would you like to see in your coach or mentor? How about someone who is always there for you, reaching down to bring you up? Teaching you everything he or she can? Understanding? Pointing out every opportunity to learn? Just being that all around mentor that others say, "WOW", I would love to have that person mentor me. This is Rick Billings. He is fantastic! I always count my blessing.

Heshie S.

Rick, I've been wanting to send my personal thanks to you, for all of your help with the MBT!!! Just heard you on the President's Call and wanted to second the motion. Greatly appreciated your help and contributions on the calls. Thanks, Much!

Heidi H.

I've built over 1000 websites and have been online since 1996 and have mastered WordPress. With what I am going to teach you, you'll be able to create anything you've seen online for yourself!

Rick Billing is a great mentor and coach. He spent quality time helping me setup my Wordpress website. I really appreciate it, Rick.

Dr. Vince N.

It's the day before Thanksgiving and just wanted to share how grateful I am for Rick's teachings. I have learned so much from him. Rick is a true servant leader who helps and supports everyone he works with. Plus I have met some amazing friends along the way.

Melodieann W.

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