why people get rich

Why Some People Get Rich and Why Some People Get Poor

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why some get rich and some get poor  Everyone wants to get rich of course. It is part of human nature and it is very normal for any human being to aspire for a better and abundant life. Unfortunately a lot of people no matter how hard they try and no matter how much effort they exert they just can’t get rich while some other people naturally experience abundance without even that much effort exertion.

How and why do people get rich?

why people get rich

So why is it that some people get rich and some people get poor? Does that mean life is unfair? Does that mean we are not equally created? A lot of you might conclude into thinking this way but to be honest with you equality was never the reason why some people get rich and why some people get poor because the decisions you make are what gives all the difference. We all long for the freedom to choose. This is why throughout history people have fought for, and given their lives for it. This is why families will leave everything to emigrate from an oppressive country to a free one.

You can also get rich!

how people get rich

The thing is that like most freedoms, we’re free to make decisions that are either good or bad. This freedom of making decisions is what really separates the successful from the unsuccessful and the rich from the poor. It is really your decision to get rich that will determine your future financial success. With every dollar we have, we have the power to decide for our future whether we will get rich, get poor, or just in the middle. Our spending habits reflect who we are and what we value. People who get poor have poor spending habits while those who get rich are rich because of their decision to have rich spending habits. If you seriously want to get rich, it’s critical that you understand the power of making good financial decisions.