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January 6, 2013

Ordinary Leaders Talk with Emotion

Ordinary Leaders

ordinary leaders on emotion  Just because you are a leader does not right away mean you are great. There is what we call ordinary leaders and great leaders. Ordinary leaders are the leaders that talk only through emotion. The great ones are the individuals who are able to inspire people’s spirits. This is what makes them great.

How ordinary leaders lead

ordinary leaders instill fear

To give you a clear idea of the big difference between ordinary leaders and great leaders here are some examples of the type of communication made by ordinary leaders.

“Do what I tell you to do”
“If you are not punctual at work, you will lose your job”
“If you do not do well in school and get good grades you will never get a good job and succeed in life”
“Always play safe and never make unnecessary risks”
“Let me show you this one sure way to get rich quick”

As you may have noticed, all these types of communications made by ordinary leaders are killing the spirit because it uses some type of emotional ploy by making use of fear and greed to lead and motivate people into doing something.

Help ordinary leaders now!ordinary leaders not ok

If you were the one being told this way, I’m pretty sure you’d probably not be pleased obviously. Who in the world would like to be treated this way? These ordinary leaders are the reason why there is no loyalty in a business because although the followers might be led to follow you but it is not voluntarily from their heart since you are pretty much frightening them emotionally into doing something you want them to do even if it’s against their will.

Ordinary leaders usually find it hard to lead their followers in the long term. What’s even worse is many of these followers of them will develop hatred because of the emotional leadership they are instilling.

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