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Imagine being late to a gold rush.

Imagine leaving everything behind for a chance to strike it rich, feverishly anticipating your chance to stake a claim and start searching for the fabled “mother lode”…

But on your first night in boomtown, you get word that your fellow prospectors just aren’t finding any more gold.

Disappointing—to say the least, right?

Well, that’s what exactly happened during the California Gold Rush of 1849.

At first, loose nuggets could be easily found in the creeks and rivers, so people assumed there’d be a near-infinite supply of gold in them thar hills.

Stories soon started circulating in papers across the nation, regaling readers with wild tales of the riches to be uncovered on the untamed West Coast.

Unfortunately, there turned out to be a lot less gold than those first riverbeds suggested…

By 1950, all the remaining gold deposits required expensive technology and tools to extract.

For the average person, that meant giving up and traveling back home empty-handed.

Now that’s a bummer!

But frankly, timing is everything.

And it doesn’t matter how bad you want instant riches if you’re a laggard…

Once an opportunity’s gone, that’s it. Game over.

When conditions change rapidly, quick fortunes are made, and late arrivals leave the table down-and-out with their bellies rumbling.

Now, some may say the gold rush era is over, but the truth is…

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