Rick Billings, Entrepreneur

1-on-1 Personal Coaching…

Knowledge is Power in Many Ways!

Rick Billings offers 1-on-1 personal coaching to shortcut your learning curve. Jump-start your business online with a personal coaching teleconference training sessions. Sessions are recorded for your future reviewing. Rick’s goal is to help you achieve the greatest opportunity to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and/or confirm that you are on the right path for success.

Rick has the unique ability to “visualize” what business model is best for you and exactly what steps will be required to achieve success for your business online. Depending on your budget, there are several resources that he can recommend that will work on your behalf.

Rick will also guide you to effective sales strategies, online marketing, team building and so much more.

Rick has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout his 32+ years being a self-employed business owner as well as being involved in business models from start-up’s to millions in revenue. Rick is known as a online marketer on the cutting-edge of advanced technology. This was evident in 1995, when Rick became one of the 1st Digital Portrait Photographer in the world. Rick has lectured in 40 States for companies such as Kodak and Canon and he really knows how to communicate with his clients.

Rick’s time is limited for personal coaching. Call or email Rick for his availability.

All personal coaching clients will have access to his private member area online for additional resources which he does not share with anyone else.

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